Congress: Viktor Shokin to Testify?

Hunter Biden was dismissed from the US Navy in February 2014 for crack cocaine addiction. A month later, his father, then vice president of the United States, Joe Biden requested to his boss that he become the frontman for all things Ukraine.

In April of 2014 Hunter Biden was hired to the board of directors at Burisma Holdings, the largest private energy company in Ukraine. Former Polish President Alexsander Kwasniewski said Hunter was hired because of his name. Payments immediately began coming into Rosemont Seneca’s Morgan Stanley account.

One curious thing about that is that there were two payments that began at $83,333 each. Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer was also put on the board of Burisma. This came within a week of Joe Biden’s announcement that Ukraine was getting a billion dollars in aid from the United States.

Even more curious, Hunter Biden being embarrassingly kicked out of the US Navy for crack cocaine addiction and having no experience in Ukrainian law, culture or history makes him an unlikely candidate for Ukraine’s largest energy company. Couple that with the fact that he had no expertise or even moderate experience in energy at that point and – are we to believe that Burisma Holdings said, “Oh yeah, we just have to have that guy on our board”?

Keep in mind, in that same timeline that the Obama and Biden administration were battering American energy companies with restrictions and policies enforcing limits on public lands for fracking, for oil and gas production in their tireless and loud quest to control the climate change – at least publicly. Yet here is the vice president lecturing and lobbying Ukrainian top government officials to be more accommodating to allow energy companies there to do far more for oil and gas exploration and production.

Just touching on the narrative that the media is too ridiculous to believe; Joe never talked about his son’s business dealings? Do any of the parrots in the media or the Democratic Party even believe that? No, they don’t. They can’t. This is a father of two sons, one who recently died of cancer and the other who is self-destructing with a very bad drug habit. Biden is many things, but he is anything but a non-involved parent. At this point, one would have to guess because the Justice Department is obviously covering for the president in surreal, Eastern European fashion.

A Good father would have taken the reins and convinced his crack-addicted man-child son to enter a world-class addiction treatment center as soon as he was home from the Navy. Something motivated him more though. Joe decided to allow Hunter to be Hunter and get right back in the saddle of productivity.

Once you see Joe Biden dismissed addiction intervention, the objective observer could easily understand him at least trying to find gainful employment for his troubled son, staying in close contact and asking all sorts of questions including and at least about his business dealings. It is unimaginable that this is not the case, and the media is still trying a Jedi mind trick on its viewers and readers.

In March of 2016 Joe Biden threatened to pull a billion dollars in foreign aid from Ukraine unless President Poroshenko and Parliament fired the general prosecutor Viktor Shokin. The vice president said that Shokin was stalling to investigate Burisma Holdings, including the CEO (who was paying Hunter Biden).

Shokin was fired and since then, has insisted he was absolutely and provably involved in a wide ranging investigation into the company which is exactly why he was fired. He provided evidence and documents to an international court in Austria regarding this. Other Ukrainian officials have backed Shokin regarding his position on this.

Shokin believes Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch who testified against President Trump in his first impeachment, denied him a visa when he requested to come before Congress to give them his evidence that he was doing exactly that.

The fact that his successors never investigated Burisma again is more evidence that Biden lied about why Shokin was fired. Shokin’s evidence that seems to be being blocked by US Officials.

Of the 195 countries in the world today and of the 193 nations that belong to the United Nations we are to believe that Hunter just happened to end up in the same country that his
father insisted on being the American point man for the Obama administration.

We “must believe”, that Joe Biden wants the world to combat climate change by suppressing oil and gas production in every other nation but Ukraine? We must believe it has nothing to do with his son working for an energy company that would thrive under pro-fracking and pro-exploration policies for which Joe Biden was lobbying- only there?

While you are pondering the above, keep in mind Hunter complained in an email to his daughter that “Pop”, (which is the Biden clan’s affectionate name for Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, the President of the United States) was taking half of Hunter’s salary.

These were texts from Hunter to his daughter Naomi taken from a laptop that was Hunter Biden’s and not “Russian disinformation” which the so-called deep state spies, big tech and
media have convinced too many Americans was the case. Now that they got Biden across the finish line and into the White house, they are quietly whispering that they really did know it was never Russian disinformation.

Democratic senators, representatives, White House officials, mainstream media reporters, and talking heads say “there is no evidence.” This just tells us exactly who they are and how far they will go. There is a tall pile of evidence pointing to massive, shocking levels of corruption, demanding a closer look from the vacationing Department of Justice.

These operatives lying to the American people are reminiscent of the likes of political sycophants like Thomas Cromwell who orchestrated lies and smear tactics used by King Henry
VIII’s government resulted in beheadings.

Bring in Shokin to testify.

via thegatewaypundit

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