Free speech and liberty are facing hardships like never before in today’s America. Recently, you might have seen more and more cases of censorship, invasion of privacy, or full-scale control of the mainstream media outlets.

Real patriot values can barely find their place in society these days. With every occasion, big media actors push globalist agendas and attack our freedom of speech. They try to suppress our voice in every way they can so that their truth doesn’t get questioned

And we are passively watching as our rights are being taken away. The people are being served a deadly recipe: cheap amusement, white lies, and tabloid stories. From a bird's-eye view, one might think it looks like we’re giving up. Are you?

Our purpose is to inform our readers about relevant stories and events that shape our lives every day. This is a place free of censorship, where critical thinking and constructive dialogue are encouraged.

If you:

  • Bleed red, white & blue
  • Fight for your Constitutional rights
  • Believe in God
  • Think for yourself 
  • Believe no one is above the law

this place will feel like home.

God bless you and God bless America!