Democrat Strategist’s Heated Interview Goes Viral (VIDEO)

There is, perhaps, no more enjoyable genre of interview from my perspective than the party propagandist interviewed on independent media, in which he/she repeats the standard industry talking points that usually go unchallenged by news actors on corporate state media but which garner pushback from actual people.

Here is inconsequential, overpaid doofus Dallas Jones, CEO of something called “Elite Change, Inc.,” making the following arguments and subsequently getting absolutely wrecked by Rising’s Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave:

To her credit – and there’s a lot I don’t agree with her on – the resident progressive at Rising, Briahna Joy Gray, dispenses with his nonsense handily. By the end, he’s a stuttering mess, barely able to get a sentence out.

Check out the PR-speak gobbledygook on Elite Change, Inc.’s “About Us” page and it becomes immediately obvious that this is the kind of tripe  that a guy like Dallas Jones would try to pass off as political analysis:

Elite Change, Inc. is a public affairs and strategic communications firm focused on influencing today’s ever-changing political, business, and public landscape. Since its founding, Elite Change has become a nationally recognized firm operating at all levels of the public, government, and business sectors. We continuously strive to stay on the cutting edge of all facets of effective strategy, and look expand our experience and reach through our work in emerging trends.

What’s really sad – and this is a testament to the depraved state of American politics – is that this guy has probably finagled a very comfortable lifestyle for himself out of campaigns and think tanks to produce and saturate the media with this bilge.

via pjmedia

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