Walls Close in on Willis and Wade

All together now: If you’re going to take a shot at a president, you better make sure your own house is in order first. Some ways to do that might include not engaging in disqualifying conflicts of interest by taking up with your married hired help while also benefiting materially from the arrangement. And certainly, you’d want to avoid perjuring yourself.

Yet, in what must surely be the most monumental display of arrogance and entitlement in modern history, Fulton County, Ga., DA Fani Willis seems to have done just that.

As you will recall, the Willis n’ Wade show made its debut in early January of this year. Michael Roman, one of former President Trump’s codefendants in Willis’s ludicrous RICO prosecution, filed a motion to have the lovers disqualified from the case because they “suffer from irreparable conflicts of interest, and have violated their oaths of office under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct”

Faced with this serious accusation, presiding Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee held hearings to look into the matter. Under oath, both Fani Willis and her very special counsel, Nathan Wade, testified that they didn’t hook up until well after she had hired him on Nov. 1, 2021, to prosecute the Trump case. Attorney Terrence Bradley, who represented his former law partner, Wade, in the latter’s divorce case, testified to this timeline as well. The hearing closed on Friday, with McAfee declaring he would take approximately two weeks to sort through all the evidence and come to a decision.

As the hearing played out, Cindi Lee Yeager, the Co-Chief DA of neighboring Cobb County, Ga., was dismayed by what sure looked to her like a whole lot of lying under oath. She was so incensed by what she saw that she voluntarily reached out to the attorneys for Trump co-defendant David Shafer. This resulted in a new court filing on Monday, which declares that “Ms. Yeager watched Mr. Bradley’s testimony before the Court and became concerned as a result of the fact that what Mr. Bradley testified to on the witness stand was directly contrary to what Mr. Bradley had told Ms. Yeager in person.”

The New York Times reported Monday:

Defense lawyers in the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald J. Trump say they want to put someone on the stand whose testimony could back up their assertion that Terrence Bradley, a witness in their effort to disqualify the prosecutors running the case, gave misleading testimony.


At issue is a key matter in the disqualification effort: the timing of the romantic relationship that developed between Fani T. Willis, who as the Fulton County district attorney is leading the prosecution of Mr. Trump, and Nathan Wade, the Atlanta-area lawyer she hired to manage the case.

Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade have said that a romance developed between them after she hired him in November 2021. But the defense lawyers have tried to prove the romantic relationship started earlier.

If they are correct that Ms. Willis hired a boyfriend for a lucrative, high-profile job, it might bolster their argument that she engaged in “self-dealing” when she took a number of vacations with Mr. Wade, and thus created a conflict of interest that should result in her removal from the case.

According to what Yeager was privy to, the Fani business actually began in 2019 — two years before Willis, Wade, and Bradley testified under oath that it had. In the motion, Yeager claims that Bradley told her very different things than he told Judge McAfee when he was on the stand:

  • From in or around August of 2023 through January of 2024, Ms. Yeager had numerous, in-person and other conversations with attorney Terence Bradley in which information relating to District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade was discussed.
  • In the course of Mr. Bradley’s and Ms. Yeager’s discussions, Mr. Bradley told Ms. Yeager the following:
    • District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade met during the 2019 Municipal Court Continuing Legal Education Conference.
    • Mr. Wade began his romantic relationship with District Attorney Willis at or around this time.
    • Mr. Wade had definitively begun a romantic relationship with Ms. Willis during the time that Ms. Willis was running for District Attorney in 2019 through 2020.
    • Mr. Bradley stated that he had personal knowledge of the relationship between Mr. Wade and District Attorney Willis, and included details regarding the use of Ms. Robin Yeartie’s apartment and other meetings prior to November 2021.
    • Mr. Bradley stated that Mr. Wade personally prepared his own divorce complaint against his spouse, Mrs. Jocelyn Wade, and told Mr. Bradley to sign the divorce filings and to file them on Mr. Wade’s behalf. Based upon these statements, it is Ms. Yeager’s understanding that Mr. Bradley did not being representing Mr. Wade until November of 2021.

There’s more, which you can read in this thread from prominent Cobb County attorney and legal analyst Philip Holloway. “I cannot emphasize enough how significant this is,” notes Holloway. “The judge will be hard-pressed to ignore the proposed testimony of another Georgia prosecutor who is coming forward to correct what she perceives as a fraud perpetrated on the court by Fulton DA #FaniWillis.”

Can we please end this abortion of justice now, Judge McAfee? These people are grossly unqualified to undertake something as monumental as prosecuting a president.

The truth is that we have long since crossed the point at which it is possible for Willis and Wade to prosecute any case involving Donald Trump ever again without securing a conviction ripe for mistrial claims, as well as enraging and disenchanting all fair-minded Americans. As of now, being disqualified in disgrace is the best outcome these corrupt schemers could hope for. In reality, it is they who need to be facing a judge.

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