Indivisible’s Influence: Leftist Plot to Halt Trump

In a startling revelation, Breitbart News has uncovered a well-coordinated, well-funded, and high-powered network of leftist organizations spearheaded by the group Indivisible, linked to efforts championed by 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. This intricate network, which evolved from a powerful left-wing conspiracy exposed a decade ago, has now become a dominating force on the left, determined to prevent former President Donald Trump, the 2024 frontrunner, from making a political comeback.

Research conducted by conservative Jessica Bowman exposes the sophisticated operations of these leftist groups, outlining their origins dating back to the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. The network, comprising a coalition of left-wing and anti-Trump organizations, has infiltrated the highest echelons of the Democratic Party, controlling narratives and influencing key political figures.

The titular head of this leftist network is Indivisible, whose roots lie in resisting Trump during his first term in office. However, their focus has shifted to preventing Trump’s potential victory in 2024 and, failing that, undermining his second term in office from the outset.

Indivisible’s influence extends to shaping the rhetoric of top Democrats, including President Joe Biden, who has centered his 2024 reelection campaign around the theme of defeating “MAGA extremists.” The irony lies in Biden's associating with extremists on the radical left while denouncing extremism in his campaign.

Bowman’s research reveals the unprecedented level of influence and control exerted by this leftist network over elected officials, law enforcement, and Democratic leaders at various levels. Unlike anything seen on the right in U.S. politics, this sophisticated leftist structure has seized control of at least half of American discourse in a presidential election year.

Moreover, the leftist network is not solely focused on preventing Trump’s candidacy. It has already devised a fallback plan, as outlined in a report by Protect Democracy titled “The Authoritarian Playbook for 2025.” The report details specific recommendations for leftist activists on how to resist a potential second Trump term, anticipating actions such as the use of pardon power, investigations against critics, and even military deployment.

As the leftists prepare for a potential Trump victory in 2024, they are gearing up for a full-scale onslaught against his second term, intending to resist and undermine his agenda from the outset. This unprecedented level of strategizing and coordination reveals a comprehensive effort to control the political narrative and prevent Trump’s return to the White House.

The revelations, according to Bowman, demonstrate that “Trump was right—this isn’t actually about him; he is just in the way of this progressive new democracy movement that they call Indivisible.”

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