Trump On Trial For Crimes Biden Committed

Have you noticed that former President Trump is falsely charged with Biden's crimes? Let's look at a few of these politically driven court cases.

Former President Trump is accused of overvaluing property. New York Attorney General Letitia James campaigned for her office by pledging to "bring him [Trump] down." Judge Arthur Engoron has quoted the Palm Beach County tax assessor's valuing of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home at $18-28 million. This historic property covers 17 acres, stretching from beach to sound. Mar-a-Lago was opened in 1927 and presently is a club with guest rooms. Trump's records show the property to be worth between $427-612 million.

Banks assess property values before making loans. President Trump stated, "There was no victim here – the banks were represented by the best, biggest, most prestigious law firms in the state of New York – actually in the country." Continuing, Trump stated, "The banks got back their money, there was never a default, it was never a problem, everything was perfect. There was no crime."

An award-winning researcher, accounting professor of NYU's Stern School of Business and expert witness in business fraud stated that after reviewing the financial documents of Trump's case, "There is no evidence whatsoever of any accounting fraud." In addition, the Trump Organization employs 22,450 people. So, Trump's businesses are providing incomes for American families.

In sharp contrast are Joe Biden's real-estate dealings. An article on Biden's ownership of multiple multimillion-dollar homes stated, "Biden began buying homes – especially those that were outside his budget – in his 20s, taking out multiple mortgages and receiving loans against life insurance policies. His net worth was often in the negatives – in 2007, he was ranked the least wealthy senator." Regardless, if Trump overvalued an asset, at least there was an asset present that the loan was taken against. In Biden's case, there was no asset, other than Joe's life, and Joe received "multiple mortgages." How do you continue to obtain loans when your net worth is in the negatives? In addition, all of Biden's investments have been for his personal gain, like a beach house, which had nothing to do with employing thousands of people. While it is falsely claimed Trump overvalued property, at least the property existed, and Trump's net worth was never negative. So, Biden is most definitely guilty with what Trump is falsely charged.

Consider the court case concerning "classified documents." Kel McClanahan, the executive director of the National Security Counselors, stated, "A sitting U.S. president has wide-ranging authority to classify and declassify certain documents. … He [the president] can just say, 'I decided that this should be declassified,' and it's declassified." A 2009 executive order sets procedures, but they do not apply to the president. In 1988, the Supreme Court decided that under Article II, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution, the president's power over classified information comes from executive authority.

Trump states that all of the documents he had at Mar-a-Lago were declassified and that he handled them "100%" legally.

Some say Trump violated the Presidential Records Act having documents at Mar-a-Lago, but prior to their raid, the FBI visited Mar-a-Lago and agents were satisfied with Trump adding an additional lock. In contrast, Bill Clinton's records were stored at an abandoned car dealership, and Obama stored "classified and unclassified documents" at an abandoned furniture store.

While Trump, Obama and Clinton were presidents, Biden's classified documents date back to when he was in the U.S. Senate and vice president, when he did not have authority to declassify any documents. Biden's documents were not supposed to be removed from the secure rooms of the Capitol building, yet he had them stored everywhere from "Chinatown," to a closet at the University of Pennsylvania, to the garage at his beach house.

Why would Joe do this? Did Joe think Chinatown, a closet at UPenn and the boxes beside his corvette were more secure locations than the Capitol? Did Joe accidentally illegally take classified documents home repeatedly? Was Joe selling information to the highest bidder, filling his and his family's pockets with treasonous dollars? You decide which you think is more likely the case, but regardless of the reason, once again, Biden is most definitely guilty of what Trump is falsely charged with. Even so, investigation into Biden's handing of documents is closing.

Then there's the January 6th obstruction case that will be used against candidate Trump, by citing the 14th Amendment, Section 3, of the Constitution. It's ridiculous that Trump and flag-waving families, whom Trump clearly told to let their "voices be heard" in "peaceful protest," are accused of trying to overthrow the government. Liz Cheney was forced to omit Trump's statement from the January 6th committee's report since it didn't fit the narrative. Sadly, J6 is called an "insurrection," yet how do you overthrow a country with flagpoles and walk through the Capitol like a tourist? Regardless, Pelosi-led Democrats yelled "insurrection" from day 1, despite Pelosi's negligence in not using the National Guard troops provided by President Trump and requested six times by Capitol Police. So, leftists claim Trump violated the Constitution.

Speaking of violations of the Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution guarantees every state in the union protection against invasion. Since Biden's inauguration, over 10 million illegals have crossed the border, which is the third-highest level of illegal immigration in the past 97 years. In December of 2023 alone, over 300,000 illegal immigrant encounters occurred. Biden's policies are allowing an invasion of the United States, which is directly and unquestionably in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Once again, Trump is charged with what Biden is doing.

If innocent Trump is charged with Biden's crimes, why isn't Biden on trial instead of Trump? In John Wayne's movie "Chisum," the film's evil nemesis answers this question well. He stated, "There is a fundamental difference between Mr. Chisum and me. Mr. Chisum is a man who respects the law. Around here, I'm the man who owns it."

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