Trump’s Iowa Triumph Sparks Leftist Freakout

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lozerendus felt that nothing in this mad world could be put right without a functional rotary phone in every home. 

The Trump Train has been fueled by inevitability as it barrels towards the Republican nomination for a while now. It has only picked up steam since Trump's frozen Iowa cakewalk on Monday night. As frequent readers here know, I haven't always been thrilled about Trump being the 2024 nominee, despite having voted for him with great enthusiasm in the recent past.

Now that we're here, all I can do is lean in and hope for the least worst best.

I've got a real future as an ambiguous motivational speaker.

Conservatives shouldn't worship politicians. Unfortunately, that's become a problem in the Trump era. His hordes of Truth Social fanboys go to bed every night wearing MAGA jam-jams and hugging Trump pillows. That can be rather off-putting to the people who want to vote for him but aren't committed to getting a Trump tramp stamp if he becomes POTUS 47.

Rather than fret about being trapped at an awkward barbecue with those dudes, I like to think about those who really, really don't like Trump instead. He's much easier to embrace as the eventual candidate when you take a look at the people whose agita meters get fried at the mere thought of Trump being on the ballot again.

There are a couple of stories this week about Trump's ability to be the biggest monster ever under the beds of leftists the world over.

The first is about the anti-freedom New World Order freakshow that masquerades as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, every year, which Athena wrote about for us:

This year at Davos—where the globalist elite gathers to bask in its own superiority, indulge in the ultimate luxuries of privilege, and make plans for the rest of us — there's a big, orange poop in their punchbowl. And in their trembling apprehension of what President Trump's second term would mean for their gilded lifestyles, the world's ruling class is being remarkably candid.

In a Friday commentary, Reuters's Peter Thal Larsen asserts that "the spectre of a second Trump administration will loom over many of the panels, bilateral discussions and drinks parties during the week." He points out that "Trump’s return could revive tensions with the European Union," which is true, before positing this howler: "undermining the Biden administration’s efforts to lead allies in taking a tougher stance towards China, the world’s second largest economy."

Biden is tough on China in the same way that I'm a sought-after prospect to play power forward in the NBA — it's not a thing that ever existed, or ever will exist. As my good friend Stephen Green is fond of saying: "Joe Biden is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party." When Biden writes out "Xi Jinping" in longhand, he dots the i's with hearts.

Davos is a gathering of wealthy tyrants who think that the "have nots" in the world have too much. Thanks to capitalism or inheritance, they got theirs and they want to make sure that the pie gets and remains very fixed. A bigger collection of people who should be smarter can't be found anywhere. These pinheads think that the world's ugliest trophy wife — John Kerry — is relevant.

In triggering news closer to home, the poor dears at CNN and MSNBC went into full state-run media mode over Trump's win in Iowa. Matt covered this one:

CNN started to cover Trump's speech, but Jake Tapper curiously cut away from the feed after Trump started talking about Joe Biden's border crisis.

"We're going to seal up the border because right now we have an invasion," Trump began. "We have an invasion of millions and millions of people that are coming into our country. I can't imagine why they think that's a good—"

And that's when Tapper started talking over him. "Donald Trump, declaring victory with a historically strong showing in the Iowa caucuses if these numbers hold. The biggest victory for a non-incumbent president in the modern era for this contest. A relatively subdued speech as these things go so far, although here he is, right now, under my voice. You can hear him repeating his anti-immigrant rhetoric."

For those who don't have their MSM bias decoder rings handy, "anti-immigrant rhetoric" means "the truth about Biden's border fiasco." False narrative über alles, right Jakey? Tapper, by the way, is a hack's hack. Over the years, he's managed to convince a lot of center-right people that he's not a raging, bias-spewing lefty.

Nah, he's awful.

Matt goes onto describe Rachel Maddow's justification for carrying out DNC marching orders:

"But there is a cost to us, as a news organization, of knowingly broadcasting untrue things. That is a fundamental truth of our business and who we are," she continued.

You may pause for a moment to laugh.

"And so, his remarks tonight will not air here live. We will monitor them and let you know about any news that he makes.”

Rachel Maddow would break out in hives if she ever uttered anything truthful on the air. She's made a career of spewing angsty lies while furrowing her brow, which her low-info fan base believes makes her trustworthy.

Trump terrifies Tapper, Maddow, and their ilk so much that they're afraid to let their rabid leftist audiences hear him speak. What if some truth rubs off on one of them and they begin to be honest with themselves about the fact that there truly is a dangerous invasion in progress on our southern border? That. Cannot. Happen.

The one issue that Trump consistently gets right more than any other Republican is the border. Too many Republicans in Washington tiptoe around it to avoid the kind of negative press Trump has gotten since his announcement speech in 2015.

Donald Trump certainly brings a lot of baggage to this race, and it's understandable that some people have more than a little trepidation about voting for him. Let's hope those voters realize that the people Trump annoys the most are the ones that no freedom-loving person ever wants to be in power.

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