Texas Lieutenant Governor Defies Supreme Court

On Monday, Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick (R-Texas) confirmed that the state government will continue its efforts to set up razor wire barriers along the southern border, even after the Supreme Court issued a ruling ordering them to stop.

As reported by Axios, the razor wire is the latest effort by the state of Texas to secure the border using its own resources, as the federal government is following Joe Biden’s directive to essentially leave the border open and let as many illegal aliens in as possible. In recent weeks, Border Patrol agents and other federal authorities began cutting through and removing barbed wire to allow illegals in, which led to the Supreme Court case ruling in favor of the federal government.

“We are putting up wire everywhere we can,” said Patrick in an interview. “We will continue. We will not stop. If they cut it, we will replace it.”

“I was down there Friday with our troops to thank them, support them, and also to stand with them in the event the Biden administration did send Border Patrol there,” Patrick added. “Wisely, they did not. We’re thankful they did not. We don’t want a confrontation, but we want this border secure.”

The state of Texas has resorted to several different measures for creating makeshift barriers to secure the border, ranging from giant buoy barriers in the Rio Grande River to deter water crossings to large metal shipping containers stacked side-by-side. The razor wire method has also been combined with the shipping containers, with the containers lining the border and the razor wire lining the tops of the containers.

The Supreme Court declared in a 5-4 ruling that federal authorities had the right to tear down Texas’ barriers, but Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) issued a statement shortly thereafter confirming that he would ignore the Court’s ruling. Governor Abbott cited the authority granted to him and any governor by his declaration of an invasion, which supersedes federal law and allows the governor the right to defend his state against a foreign invasion by any means necessary.

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