Swing-State Court: Leftists Caught, Illegal Voter Form

A state court in Wisconsin, a key swing state used by leftists and Democrats to give the White House to Joe Biden in the 2020 election, has ruled that a voter-registration form promoted to expand the voter lists never was adopted legally, so it cannot be used.

The fight was discussed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Justice, which brought the case on behalf of voter Rick Braun.

“It is unfortunate that time and time against Wisconsinites have to go to court to force state agencies to follow the law,” said Lucas Vebber, WILL deputy counsel. “Today’s win is a tremendous victory for Wisconsinites, and sends yet another strong message to bureaucrats who disregard the rule of law.”

WILL had challenged the use of the National Mail Voter Registration Form in the state. The form was made available from the United States Election Assistance Commission and widely used to bolster voter totals across the country.

Ultimately, in the 2020 election, key states including Wisconsin, where surges in registered Democrats were reported, were awarded to Biden in the presidential race, allowing him to become president.

The case, however, pointed out that the form never was approved for use by the Wisconsin Election Commission, a move required by law. And, in fact, it didn’t meet other legal requirements established in the state.

It was in 2022 that WILL confronted the WEC over the form.

In court, election officials were unable to show any records of the form’s approval. The court said the use of the form to register a voter in Wisconsin failed to meet the requirements of the state law, so is illegal.

And the ruling banned future guidance that would claim the form was legitimate.

WILL’s lawsuit over the dispute followed a few months later, and Judge Michael P. Maxwell wrote, “WEC attempts feebly to rely upon the affidavit of Mr. Kevin Kennedy, the election agency administrator for the prior two state elections agencies, but Mr. Kennedy as the former chief administrator of elections in this state for nearly thirty-three years cannot provide any credible evidence as to where, when, or how the National Form was approved. Certainly, Mr. Kennedy offers no evidence that WEC approved the National Form as is required by Wis. Stat. § 6.33.?”

WILL explained there is another state form that has been approved for use, so voters are not significantly impacted by the court case.

The judge noted that state law provides the WEC “shall prescribe” the details of registration forms, and it failed to do so with the document that was challenged.

“WEC claims, without evidentiary foundation, that the National Form was approved by a prior election agency at some point in the past,” the ruling said. But WEC could provide no evidence of that.

Further, the judge explained, “WEC was no an extension of the previous state election agencies, but a new creation by the state legislature with a governing structure completely differen[t] than previous entities.”

The judge said, in fact, “WEC has failed in this most basic duty by allowing the National Form to be used in Wisconsin where WEC has never actually proscribed its use.”

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