SHADY RICO Case: Fani Willis Under Fire

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We tend to romanticize American leaders from the early days of the Republic, attributing gravitas and dignity that may or may not have existed to our politicians of yore. There were almost certainly more bad eggs than we have decided to remember, but it's probably safe to say that the sleaze factor in politics wasn't as high then as it is now.

One of the more galling aspects of the turmoil surrounding Donald Trump since 2016 has been watching Democrats who are loathsome people thinking that hating Trump places them on high moral ground.

As I am fond of saying online: 

The people who are most vehement about keeping Trump off the 2024 ballot because it's the "right" thing to do have long struck me as a collection of bottom-feeders who would sell their mothers for beer money. Until now, New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg has seemed like the biggest reprobate of the bunch. He may yet prove me right but, for the moment, there is a new lowlife champ in town.

This is from Athena: 

Co-incidental to her zeal for prosecuting front-running presidential candidate Donald Trump, Fulton County, Ga., DA Fani Willis hired herself a special prosecutor with benefits, according to a new court filing.

The motion alleges that Willis hired private attorney Nathan Wade to act as her special prosecutor in her vast, convoluted RICO case against Trump and 18 others who dared pursue legal remedies for what they believed was a compromised 2020 election. She did this despite having more than one attorney within her own office who was perfectly capable of prosecuting the case. And she did it despite Wade being unqualified to handle the biggest case in Fulton County history, as he has never actually prosecuted a felony RICO case before. So why would Willis hire him?

The alleged answer is that the married father of two was tapping the dirty DA. And this opens up a whole can of big, fat ethical and legal worms that are now squirming exuberantly atop Fanis's prosecution house of cards.

That's right, sports fans, the woman who decided to go big or go home with a RICO case against Trump thought it wise and prudent to turn the whole thing over to her married side piece.

She seems nice.

People sometimes forget that a lot of the people who are polluting our justice system are, in fact, elected officials. Bragg and Willis aren't motivated by a search for justice, they're purely partisan operatives engaged in a politically motivated witch hunt. Woe be unto anyone who gets in the way while they're trying to destroy Donald Trump because they're afraid of his chances if he is on the ballot in November.

Athena goes onto point out that the mere fact that Willis and Wade were having a lot of between the sheets meetings isn't the worst of it. The sleaze always rises to the top in the Democratic party. Athena quotes my old friend Erick Erickson as saying that there is evidence that Fani Willis coordinated "with the Biden team to take out Trump."

The more this administration claims to be above the fray, the more fetid and Biden-scented the fray becomes.

It should surprise no one on the Right that Fani Willis and her brand of unsavory corruption are the product of a county that's home to one of the largest Magic Mail-In Ballot Machines in the land. Gosh, it's almost as if the people in charge of Fulton County can't be trusted.

Not that there has been much in the way of substance in these prominent political jihads against former President Trump, but these revelations make it impossible to believe anything that Fani Willis or her subordinates (Any other boy toys out there?) have said.

Like so many Democrats, Willis and her bedmate believe themselves to be part of a governing elite who aren't bound by the laws and rules that apply to the hoi polloi.

Common decency doesn't factor into any of the Democrats' plans for this election.

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