Israel-Hamas Conflict: Obama SLAMMED

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Barack Obama isn’t taking sides in Israel’s war against Hamas. The man has had jelly for a spine ever since he entered public life. Remember the Syrian “red line”? 

But in some ways, Obama can’t help it. He’s been groomed by the liberal establishment to avoid offending people. He was successfully able to couch his radicalism in the language of brotherhood and harmony. It got him elected twice and created a mythos around him and his presidency that continues to this day.

“I look at this, and I think back, ‘What could I have done during my presidency to move this forward, as hard as I tried?’” he said in an interview conducted by his former staffers for their podcast “Pod Save America.” “But there’s a part of me that’s still saying, ‘Well, was there something else I could have done?’”

Helping Israel destroy Hamas might have been a good start. But that would have been too decisive. Besides, it would have gotten Arab Americans mad at him at the time. That would have blackened his reputation as a “moderate” peacemaker.

“What Hamas did was horrific, and there’s no justification for it,” Mr. Obama said. “And what is also true is that the occupation and what’s happening to Palestinians is unbearable.”

There. That’s more like it. Mealy-mouthed, sanctimonious claptrap. That’s the Obama we know and love.

Every once and a while, something happens in the world that forces one to take a stand. For or against, right vs. wrong, or good vs. evil. Most of us recognize this moment for Israel and support the Jewish state in its existential fight for survival.

But Barack Obama has no moral sense. There aren’t two sides equally at fault. One side is trying to annihilate an entire people. The other isn’t. This is a self-evident truth that one must deliberately try to ignore in order to see a “middle ground” where none exists.

The Republican Jewish Coalition angrily weighed in on Obama’s nonsense.

At a time when morality, international law, and the welfare of our chief ally in the Middle East all demand that we stand with Israel, full stop, Barack Obama says it’s complicated. It’s not.

Hamas attacks civilians; Hamas takes hostages; Hamas uses Gazans as human shields; Hamas steals humanitarian supplies; Hamas builds terrorism tunnels instead of bomb shelters, or schools, or houses. Hamas is to blame for the current war. The US should be fully behind Israel as it seeks to end Hamas’s capability to harm Israelis and Gazans alike.

But instead, when Israel faces a barbaric attack from Hamas, Obama blames Israel.

It is Barack Obama who is complicit in the death and suffering over the last month in Israel and in Gaza. His policies and those of President Joe Biden put billions of dollars into Iranian coffers, money used to fund and train Hamas and other terrorist groups whose stated goals are the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews.

Obama sort of forgot to mention that he gave all that cash to Hamas’s sponsors in Tehran. Must’ve slipped his mind.

Senator Tim Scott’s statement on Obama’s bothsiderisms was on point.

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“From Obama to Biden, Democrats have a problem: supporting Israel always has an asterisk,” the South Carolina senator and presidential contender said in a statement to Politico.

“Obama is dead wrong and he has a legacy of aiding those who support terrorism,” Scott continued. “The truth is simple: Hamas is evil.”

The hell of it is that half the country will listen to Obama and congratulate him for being so “reasonable” about Hamas’s genocide. The former president isn’t the only American who can’t recognize evil when looking it right in the eye.

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