Government Shutdown – Major Financial Institution’s WARNING

At this point, we should expect the government to shut down on October 1. Congress has until September 30 to pass a spending measure to keep the lights on in the Capitol Building, but Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he won’t bring up the House’s plan to present a shutdown until tomorrow. The Senate has a plan to pass a continuing resolution, though it’s unlikely McCarthy will bring that to the floor for a vote.

He also can’t procure Democratic votes unless he wants to risk a leadership scuffle. Also, there’s no incentive for Democrats to help Republicans right now. Goldman Sachs predicts the chances of a shutdown at 90 percent. It might as well be 100 at this point, to be honest (via NY Post):

Wall Street is bracing for the likelihood of lengthy government shutdown — with one prominent analyst placing the odds at 90% that Republicans and Democrats won’t reach a deal before Saturday’s deadline.

Goldman Sachs’ chief economist Jan Hatzius said in a Wednesday note obtained by The Post: “A government shutdown this year has looked likely for several months, and we now think the odds have risen to 90%.”

Hatzius, who heads the bank’s global investment research, predicted the shutdown would likely last two to three weeks

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