Hunter In TROUBLE: FIRE Testimony by Former Associate

Jason Galanis, a former business associate of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, told Congress that Hunter routinely called his dad from meetings where foreign deals were discussed and that a Chinese firm was interested in a partnership because it believed Joe Biden himself would join the board after leaving the vice presidency.

“The entire value add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden,” Galanis told the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on February 23, according to a transcript released Monday. “Because of this access, I agreed to contribute equity ownership to them, Hunter and Devon [Archer], for no out-of-pocket cost to them in exchange for their, quote, relationship capital.”

Galanis was interviewed from prison, where he is serving time for fraud involving bilking a pension fund. Galanis said that Hunter was involved in that scheme but that prosecutors did not charge him and kept the evidence out of court. He said that after he agreed to testify to Congress, a decision to release him early from prison was reversed.

His testimony was in regards to Hunter Biden and his close friend Devon Archer, who were partners in various businesses.

“In 2014, I agreed with Hunter and Devon that the Burnham and Company enterprise would be significantly enhanced by forming a partnership with Harvest Fund Management, a $300 billion Chinese financial services company closely connected to the Chinese Communist Party,” Galanis said.

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