Biden Regime Starts COVID Preparations

The Biden Regime will resume offering free at-home Covid tests starting next week.

Translation: It’s election season. What a great way to get those mail-in ballots going because COVID-19 is only dangerous when it’s advantageous to the corrupt regime and its dysfunctional followers.

There is a supposed uptick in Covid cases because of new strains of the virus with more hospitalizations. We have had flu season come and go for generations and the common cold along with numerous illnesses. Why is Covid so special? The answer: is fear, which leads to control. The regime wants you afraid.

CNBC Reported:

The Biden administration on Wednesday said it will resume offering free at-home COVID tests to American households Monday as the virus gains a stronger foothold nationwide.

Americans will soon be able to use to request four free tests, the administration said in a release.

The government had offered free test kits through that website since January 2022, but the site stopped taking orders on June 1 of this year to conserve supplies of the tests.

The government is relaunching the program in time for the fall and winter when the virus typically spreads at higher levels. Covid hospitalizations have already increased for eight straight weeks — an uptick primarily driven by newer strains of the virus.

The Biden Regime is also wasting $600 million at 12 Covid manufacturers to help secure 200 million tests. So it is also motivated by money.

The following news report shows what the Regime is doing to promote these tests. Hardly, if any challenge from the mainstream media:

The Gateway Pundit reported in May about how the FDA said 500,000 Covid tests should be thrown out due to bacterial contamination that can cause illness.

If you think you might be unwell, a COVID-19 test can help. But there are those that could truly get you ill.

Over 500,000 home COVID-19 tests are being recalled due to the presence of possibly dangerous bacteria in the liquid solution.

In a recall announcement made in May, SD Biosensor, Inc. said that more than 40 batches of its Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests were affected.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that roughly 500,000 of the recalled tests were delivered to CVS Health and around 16,000 were sent to Amazon.

The contaminated kits may also produce false test results.

via thegatewaypundit

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