Google BLASTED – Years Of Election Manipulation

A damning report released by the Media Research Center (MRC) alleges that Google, the tech giant synonymous with online search and advertising, has repeatedly interfered in U.S. elections, manipulating search results to favor leftist candidates and suppress conservative voices.

The study, conducted by MRC’s Free Speech America division, outlines a shocking pattern of election interference spanning over 16 years and encompassing 41 separate instances. According to Dan Schneider, vice president of MRC Free Speech America, and Gabriela Pariseau, the division’s editor, Google’s actions have had a profound impact on electoral outcomes, consistently harming candidates who pose a threat to its preferred left-wing candidates, regardless of party affiliation.

The report highlights a range of alleged infractions, including algorithmic manipulation and outright censorship. Among the most significant claims are accusations that Google favored Barack Obama over Republican rivals John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. Additionally, it’s asserted that Google failed to rectify a derogatory “Google bomb” targeting Rick Santorum during the 2012 GOP primaries and selectively excluded potentially damaging autofill results for Hillary Clinton in 2016 while neglecting to extend the same courtesy to Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

Further findings suggest that Google disabled Tulsi Gabbard’s ad account during the 2020 Democratic debates, suppressed negative coverage of Joe Biden, concealed Republican campaign websites during the 2022 Senate races, and is actively boosting Biden’s 2024 campaign by burying search results related to his opponents.

According to the authors of the study, this pattern of misconduct is not limited to isolated incidents but reflects an organizational mission to interfere in elections. Google consistently favored candidates aligned with its leftist values while censoring those perceived as threats.

Google has vehemently denied the allegations, stating that they are baseless and inaccurate. These allegations raise significant concerns about the integrity of electoral processes and the influence of technology giants on democratic systems in the United States.

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