Ex-Trump Aides Go ‘Full Judas’

Ya can’t make it up.

Here’s the headline from a New Year’s Eve New York Post story:

Three former Trump WH officials warn against his 2024 bid: ‘End of American democracy’

The Post reports:

Three women who worked in former President Donald Trump’s administration bleakly warned voters against returning him to the White House in 2024.

They cautioned that he poses a grave threat to American democracy and some even mused about backing the Democrat option should Trump lock down the GOP nod.

“Everyone who was in the West Wing, and frankly, a lot of Cabinet secretaries, they know how dangerous Trump is,” former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin told ABC’s “This Week.”

“This is not about politics. It’s not about policy. It is about the character of the man.”

Griffin was joined in the interview by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson and former White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews.

“We don’t need to speculate what a second Trump term would [look] like because we already saw it play out,” Matthews said, before rehashing [the former president’s] 2020 election denialism.

Where to begin with this nonsense?

So called election denialism — a standard for Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats after the 2016 election — is attributed this time to the former president. Donald Trump, of course, has repeatedly questioned the integrity of the 2020 election. (READ MORE from Jeffrey Lord: Colorado’s Fascist Four Unify GOP Behind Trump)

He isn’t alone either. Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at the Federalist, has literally written an entire, thoroughly detailed book on the funny business surrounding the election. The title:

Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections

Perhaps these three ex-Trumpers should take the time to do their homework before they spend time attacking their former boss for “election denialism.”

As Hemingway’s book says:

Never was there such heavy-handed meddling in an election by the most powerful institutions in the country. The press brazenly concealed unfavorable news about Joe Biden and his family while continuing its long disinformation campaign against President Trump. Big Tech censored dissenters from the established narrative, while the Democratic Party manipulated a public health crisis to change the voting process in ways that left it laughably insecure.

Indeed, as the book’s cover accurately notes:

[Hemingway] reveals there are abundant reasons to suspect that the election was rigged at every step.

And as I have written in this space previously:

In the 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, and 2008 elections, not to mention back there in the dinosaur age of 1994, there were repeated examples of voter fraud in Pennsylvania. All seriously documented.

Which is to say, Trump has every reason to question the integrity of the 2020 election.

Yet these three Trump critics presumably neither know nor care about documented and repeated voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Laughably, former White House deputy press secretary Matthews says:

I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life, but I think that in this next election, I would put policy aside and choose democracy.

She blissfully ignores that it is the Biden administration — not Trump’s — that has busily corrupted the Department of Justice in a decidedly anti-democracy fashion to prosecute Joe Biden’s leading political opponent. She and her friends simply ignore this headline:

Resurfaced NYT Report Says Joe Biden Pressured Merrick Garland To Prosecute Donald Trump

In other words, Biden is running the U.S. system of justice like a Third World dictator, effectively making the U.S. into a Third World banana republic.

Biden — not Trump — is directly responsible for this actual, decidedly real assault on democracy. And not a peep of criticism from these three Trump critics, who profess to be so concerned about democracy that they would apparently support more of Biden’s attack on democracy.

Yet another amusing naiveté is Hutchinson’s alarm at Trump’s recent remark to Fox’s Sean Hannity in which he mused about being a dictator for a day in order to close the massively overrun border and “drill, drill, drill” to put the U.S. back into energy independence. Said she:

The fact that he feels that he needs to lean into being a dictator alone shows that he is a weak and feeble man.

Hello? In the American presidency, to effectively be a dictator is to unilaterally issue an executive order. And here is Newsweek, back at the beginning of the Biden era, headlining:

Joe Biden Signed More Executive Orders Than Trump, Obama Combined in Their First 12 Days

The story reports:

Joe Biden has signed more executive orders in the first 12 days of his presidency than the combined number issued by his predecessors Donald Trump and Barack Obama for the same point in their tenures.

Since his inauguration, Biden has signed 25 executive orders—taking a raft of action to shape his agenda and to reverse moves taken by Trump which he disagreed with.

Over the same period, Trump signed seven. Obama signed nine in the same timeframe—making 16 between the pair. This comes with Biden having also outstripped the pair in terms of executive actions taken in their first week in power.

And speaking of former President Barack Obama, it was he who was headlined at Fox News. The headline:

‘I’ve got a pen’: Obama raises hackles with executive actions

In other words, every time a president uses a unilaterally issued executive order, he is effectively acting as a “dictator.” But, again, no recognition of this from the Trump critics who, in spite of having worked in the White House, are either woefully ignorant of how presidents operate or are deliberately misrepresenting Trump’s comment to make it seem anti-democracy. If the latter is the case, one awaits their repudiation of Biden and his obsession with governing by executive order — like a dictator.

Not to mention they should speak up and admit that the executive orders that sprang from both Biden and Obama mean that the two are “weak and feeble” men, as they accuse Trump of being. But, mysteriously, silence from these three. Which is to say, their standards for their former boss are completely different than those for Biden and Obama.

Let’s cut to the chase.

The hard-to-miss fact is that the American political establishment — of which, based on their conduct, these three are members in good standing — cannot abide a genuine political outsider in the White House. Especially Donald Trump.

And not to be ignored either is that being an ex-Trump staffer who criticizes the ex-boss pays good money, replete with book and TV deals. In fact, the Post quoted a Trump campaign statement saying exactly that. The statement said:

“These ungrateful grifters used the opportunities given to them by President Trump to build their careers until they realized they could make more money as Never Trumper$ [sic],” a Trump campaign official said.

“None of their TV contracts or book deals would exist if they hadn’t gone Full Judas.”

All of which, precisely as these three one-time Trump aides suggest, does indeed raise questions about character.


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