EPIC: GOP Unity on Display – Standing Ovation For Jordan (VIDEO)

Rep. Jim Jordan received a standing ovation on the House Floor from his fellow Republicans when casting his vote for himself to be the next Speaker of The House.

This was an epic moment of unity for a majority of House GOP members. A small group of defiant establishment RINOs will likely stonewall Jordan’s election for Speaker. They are “hoping conservatives will move backward to Kevin McCarthy,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz in a recent interview.

In fact, As The Gateway Pundit reported, Rep. Don Bacon lashed out at the Republican lawmakers who ousted another RINO, Kevin McCarthy. Bacon then actually voted for McCarthy today on the floor. What a nut!

His voters aren’t going to forget this.

Bacon and twelve other so-called Representatives of the people refused to vote for Jordan, causing a predicted loss on the first ballot, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Here is a list of the turncoats:

  1. Don Bacon – Nebraska’s 2nd District
  2. Ken Buck – Colorado’s 4th District
  3. Lori Chavez-DeRemer – Oregon’s 5th District
  4. Anthony D’Esposito – New York’s 4th District
  5. Mario Diaz-Balart – Florida’s 26th District
  6. Jake Ellzey – Texas’s 6th District
  7. Andrew Garbarino – New York’s 2nd District
  8. Carlos Gimenez – Florida’s 28th District
  9. Tony Gonzales – Texas’s 23rd District
  10. Kay Granger – Texas’s 12th District
  11. John James – Michigan’s 10th District
  12. Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania’s 16th District
  13. Jennifer Kiggans – Virginia’s 2nd District
  14. Nick LaLota – New York’s 1st District
  15. Doug LaMalfa – California’s 1st District
  16. Michael Lawler – New York’s 17th District
  17. John Rutherford – Florida’s 5th District
  18. Victoria Spartz – Indiana’s 5th District
  19. Michael Simpson – Idaho’s 2nd District
  20. Steve Womack – Arkansas’s 3rd District

Jim Jordan, however, told reporters today that he is “picking up support every day,” and he predicts that we will finally have a speaker today. It is rumored that Jordan could pull enough votes in the second ballot to win the Speakership.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that the House went into session to elect a new Speaker at noon ET. At approximately 12:40 pm ET, Representatives began making nominations for Speaker. A roll call vote for the Speaker started at approximately 1 pm ET.

Watch Jim Jordan’s vote and standing ovation below:


via thegatewaypundit

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