Border Battle – Legal Victory for Texas

On Monday, an appeals court ruled that Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) will be allowed to maintain a makeshift border wall of floating buoys in the Rio Grande River, in an effort to deter illegal aliens from crossing the river.

As the Daily Caller reports, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued the order as a temporary solution while awaiting a final decision in the case regarding the legality of the barrier. Abbott first implemented the barrier in June in an effort to secure parts of the border with Mexico, after the Biden Administration has repeatedly refused to enforce immigration law and has largely allowed illegals to enter the country freely.

The Biden Administration sued the state of Texas over the use of the barrier. U.S. Judge David Alan Ezra, a Reagan-appointed judge for the Western District of Texas, had ruled on Wednesday that the implementation of the barrier “irreparably” caused harm to “public safety, navigation, and the operations of federal agency officials in and around the Rio Grande.”

“With respect to the buoy barrier that is currently in place, this is a Preliminary Injunction and not a final disposition of this case on the full merits, so this Court is counseled to act in a measured way,” Ezra continued in his ruling. “As a result, the Court is directing that the buoy barrier be moved from the main waters of the Rio Grande River to the riverbank, rather than removal entirely from the river, so that the barrier does not impede or impair in any way navigation by airboats or other shallow draft craft along the Rio Grande River.”

On Thursday, Governor Abbott issued a statement denouncing Ezra’s ruling as a move that “merely prolongs President Biden’s willful refusal to acknowledge that Texas is rightfully stepping up to do the job that he should have been doing all along.”

The immigration crisis continues to worsen, due in large part to deliberate inaction from the federal government. In Fiscal Year 2022, the Border Patrol recorded the highest number of annual illegal border crossings in its history, at a staggering 2.2 million. Illegal aliens have been flooding into the United States ever since Biden came to power, driven in large part by Biden and other Democrats’ promises on the campaign trail in 2020 to provide free, taxpayer-funded benefits to illegals.

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