Biden’s Support for Ukraine Unjustified, Gets BLASTED (VIDEO)

During a recent appearance on the FOX Business Network with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Rand Paul unloaded on Joe Biden for continuing to send boat loads of cash to Ukraine.

Paul pointed out that we don’t have the money and also noted that Ukraine is not a democracy, saying that Zelensky has canceled upcoming elections and banned political parties and invaded churches.

Paul does not defend Russia but asks why we need to be supporting Ukraine when they’re not much better.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

They have canceled the elections. What kind of democracy has no election? So next year, Zelensky said he is not going to have an election because it would be inconvenient and expensive during the war. Well the thing is, if you don’t have elections, why will the world be supporting a country that is not a democracy?

They have banned political parties, they’ve invaded churches, they’ve arrested priests, so no, it isn’t a democracy, it’s a corrupt regime. Are the Russians better? No, the Russians are worse. At the same time, we don’t always have to pick some side to be on. But the ultimate reason I am against this is we don’t have the money, when we borrow more it leads to more inflation and leads to more likelihood of recession in our country, so we just can’t keep doing it.

Here’s the video:

Lots of people agree with Senator Paul on this.

America has enough problems of its own right here at home. That is what we should be focused on.

via patriottruthnews

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