New Tactics in the Works for Biden Admin

Months after House Democrats abandoned the Biden administration’s propaganda campaign to sell the American people on disastrous “Bidenomics,” the White House is planning a new messaging strategy to win the hearts and minds of voters ahead of the November elections.

The “Bidenomics” catchphrase never caught on with the American people because the messaging was absolutely tone-deaf to their struggles under a generational high of inflation that crushed weal wage growth. The propaganda campaign for Bidenomics began last summer, but despite flooding positive headlines about economic success in legacy media, Biden’s polling data still plummeted.

We wonder why?

Democrats and the White House are scrambling for a new messaging strategy.

According to a new Politico report, the Biden administration “is weighing how hard to hammer big food companies over painfully high grocery prices in his upcoming State of the Union Address.”

Wait, no Putin?

During the Super Bowl, the Biden administration released a video of the president talking about ‘shrinkflation.’ This was a move to test the waters to see how receptive Americans would be to the new messaging strategy.

Bloomberg data shows ‘shrinkflation’ headlines are already skyrocketing in corporate media outlets, a sign the Biden administration might be in the midst of launching the next media blitz propaganda campaign.

More from Politico:

And the White House has been aggressively testing out the messaging on the airwaves and in internal polling ahead of Biden’s speech, according to two White House officials familiar with the matter, who were not authorized to speak on the issue and were granted anonymity to discuss internal conversations. Recent polling circulated within the White House has been favorable to Biden’s push to blast what he’s described on the campaign trail as “corporate greed” driving higher prices across a range of sectors.

The reason Biden’s messaging strategies are failing is that the American people do not trust the radicals in the White House.

via zerohedge

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