Alarm Bells Ring: February Sets New Record for Border Crossings

This year we had the worst February ever for the number of illegal alien apprehensions as Joe Biden’s border catastrophe continues to spiral — and stampede — out of all control.

Border Patrol apprehended over 140,000 illegals in February, a double-digit increase over January’s numbers, which means that the border invasion has reached truly alarming proportions. The number of illegal migrant entrants under the Biden administration just since October is larger than the populations of multiple American states. The Democrats are bringing in a massive new population of potential voters — and potential criminals — to rig the Electoral College, change demographics, and cause chaos.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew R. Arthur recently covered the statistics on encounters, which “include both Border Patrol apprehensions and aliens deemed inadmissible at the ports of entry by CBP officers in the agency’s Office of Field Operations (OFO).”

Last month, Border Patrol agents apprehended 140,644 illegal migrants at the Southwest border, a 13.2% increase over January’s apprehension total. But then, January is traditionally the slowest month for entries at the border, so some rise was to be expected.

What’s much more concerning, however, is that last month’s apprehension totals were 7.75 percent higher than last February, when agents could rely on Title 42 to expel illegal migrants in lieu of detaining them or releasing them. Title 42’s over, however, and such expulsions are not an option anymore.

The number of illegal apprehensions was higher in February 2022, at over 159,000, but, Arthur explained, nearly 91,000 of those 2022 illegals were later expelled under Title 42. Therefore, overall, the 2024 February numbers were higher. Indeed, according to Arthur, 54% of the February 2024 apprehensions were simply released.

Meanwhile, March is just the beginning of what is called migrant “travel season.” With the weather warming, we will be getting an even greater influx of barely vetted migrants, with large numbers of potential terrorists, criminals, and foreign agents among them.

Arthur mentioned another key statistic for context. Back in 2001, 97.5% of apprehended illegals were from Mexico.

Last month, just 35.5 percent of the aliens Border Patrol apprehended at the Southwest border were from Mexico, and fewer than 56 percent of those Mexican nationals were single adults. Some 32.7 percent of all apprehensions last months were alien adults with children travelling in “family units” (FMUs), a category of migrants that used to be so rare that CBP didn’t even start counting them until FY 2013…

Those migrants — and more importantly, their smugglers — know that a kid is a free ticket to entry to the United States, and so family-unit migration is booming.

That is thanks to an Obama-era district court order and a Biden administration settlement agreement. Democrats have fostered, encouraged, and partly manufactured the border crisis, and they lavish taxpayer money on the illegals who break the law to enter America.

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