EXPLOSIVE Confrontation with Wray Over Biden’s Crimes (VIDEO)

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing Tuesday at 10 AM to discuss the potential renewal of the constitutionally questionable surveillance powers granted to the FBI under a section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

As Fox News reported, corrupt FBI Director Chris Wray argued during the hearing that the renewal of these powers under Section 702 was necessary due to heightened overseas threats. Of course, the FBI has consistently abused these powers to harass peaceful J6 protesters, pro-life advocates, churches, and more.

The corrupt agency has also acted to cover up the Biden family’s numerous crimes. The House of Representatives led by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has indefatigably uncovered evidence of multiple impeachable offenses by the so-called president, especially his personally profiting from his son Hunter’s corrupt overseas business dealings.

This was on Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) mind as he grilled Wray. He also brought receipts of the House’s arduous work.

Cruz continued to unveil evidence the House has gathered on the Biden family’s corruption and then turned up the heat on Wray. He pointed out that the FBI Director consistently lied about the investigation into the Biden Crime Family and failed to collect critical evidence. The Senator then accused Wray of hiding behind disgraced Attorney General Merrick Garland.


Cruz: Do they make a practice of partisan political optics to prevent from investigating serious evidence of corruption?

Wray: My instructions to my people on this and every other investigation are to follow the facts wherever they lead, no matter who likes it…

Cruz: Then why didn’t you get the GPS data on where Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were?

Wray: Again, Senator, with respect to…

Cruz: Director Wray, you and I have gone round and round on this cause I understand any time you’re asked about this, you answer that “it’s an ongoing investigation.” Of course, the investigation isn’t ongoing! You’re not doing the work, you’ve got whistleblowers pointing out that you’re not doing the work, and you’re hiding behind the skirts of the attorney general!

via thegatewaypundit

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