You Need To Hear Keith’s New Song ‘Happy Birthday America (Whatever’s Left Of You)’

Toby Keith’s latest 4th of July song, “Happy Birthday America,” “will bring a tear to every patriot’s eye,” writes The Daily Mail. It brought a tear to mine, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it brought a tear or two to yours, too.
By its title, one would expect a booming July 4th anthem, perfect to play at the BBQ or on the boat. It isn’t. “Seems like everybody’s pissin’ on the red, white and blue,” sings Keith.“Happy birthday America whatever’s left of you.”
The song is hard to hear when we are supposed to be celebrating independence and everything that makes America exceptional, but “Happy Birthday America” is truer to the United States in 2021 than any other song on your 4th of July playlist.
You were the darlin’ when you saved the world WW I and II France would just be part of Germany now If it hadn’t been for you Now your children wanna turn you in To something other than yourself They burn your flag in their city streets More than anybody else
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