WSJ Poll: Inflation Pushing Nonwhites Toward GOP

A recent Wall Street Journal poll indicated that nonwhite voters were more likely than white voters to say that record inflation, not seen since the 1980s, could be pushing them away from traditional Democrat voting.

According to the poll, “Black women and Hispanic men, both at 44%, reported the highest proportions of major strain among various demographic and gender combinations.”

“Eight months before the midterm election,” the poll adds, and “35% of Black, Hispanic, Asian-American and other voters who said they were something other than white expressed that level of inflationary pain, compared with 28% for white voters.”

The poll mentions that half of voters earning $60,000 or less were affected by inflation. Additionally, 13% of those earning $150,000 or more said the same. The poll cites that the “lowest income” earners were the most likely to report harsh financial challenges due to inflation.

Overall, 58% of those polled said inflation was causing them either “major or minor” financial strain. That number is up from 56% in a similar survey which was taken in mid-Nov.

The poll concludes that a 47% “plurality of voters,” believe Republicans can best tame inflation, compared to 30% who listed Democrats.

Roughly 9 in 10 Republican voters think the economy is headed in the wrong direction, compared to 36% of Democrats. For independents — who stand as a key group in some elections — 71% said the economy is going in the wrong direction.

The poll surveyed 1,500 registered voters on March 2-7 and has a margin or error +/- 2.5 percentage points.

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