World Elites Go Around US and Set Up Talks with Biden and Putin

This evening after the media spent the last few weeks telling us that Putin is going to war in Ukraine, the media announced that Biden and Putin will meet.

The Daily Mail reports:

Biden and Russian President Putin have agreed to a summit over Ukraine – in principle – provided Russia does not invade its neighbor.

In a statement released early Monday, the office of French President Emmanuel Macron said Macron had suggested the summit to the two leaders to discuss ‘security and strategic stability in Europe.’

‘Presidents Biden and Putin have both accepted the principle of such a summit,’ the statement said, before adding that such a meeting would be impossible if Russia invaded Ukraine as Western nations fear it plans.

The announcement – released after a volley of phone calls between Macron and leaders on both sides of the Atlantic – comes as the Biden administration scrambled Sunday after US intelligence agencies revealed Putin has 190,000 troops poised to roll over Ukraine.

Tensions have built up in the last week during Russia’s steady military buildup up and down the Ukrainian border. Ukraine has begged the West to act now and impose sanctions on Russia in response to sustained shelling by pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Vice President Kamala Harris warned about the ‘real possibility of war in Europe’ as sources alleged that Russian commanders on the ground have received orders to proceed with an invasion of Kiev, and that they’re now making specific battle plans.

Meantime, Americans were cautioned to make escape plans from Moscow and St. Petersburg amid warnings of terrorist attacks in the cities.

Reminder, these are the same people who told you Joe Biden received 81 million ballots in the 2020 Election and the same group that led the worst surrender in US history to the Taliban in Afghanistan last year.  That action led to 13 military deaths and $84 billion in arms, planes and supplies gifted to the Taliban. Biden could not act or appear more inept if he tried.  Putin and the world see this.  Last week Biden’s team said Putin would invade Ukraine on Wednesday but of course, they were wrong.  This is embarrassing.

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