Will Biden make it till January’s State of the Union?

All things considered, it doesn’t take a fortune-teller or palm reader to predict Joe Biden isn’t long for this earth. At least he isn’t long for this earth in a bipedal position.
It’s not just delusional and an outright lie to argue Biden is competent to execute the most basic functions associated with the office his minions stole; it is a sign of psychological impairment. Biden is a shuffling, mumbling, disaster of a human being who, as I have oft said, needs sticky notes with pictures on them posted in bathrooms to show him how to pull down his zipper.
He is the semi-ambulatory textbook definition of non compos mentis, which is a legal phrase for “not of sound mind or not mentally competent to conduct one’s affairs.” The same was the case with Barack Obama in December of 2010, when there were “allegedly” unconfirmed whisperings that Obama was unstable and being heavily medicated.
That said, a snowball has a better chance of not melting in the searing mid-afternoon sun at the equator than there is a chance Democrats would willingly act to remove Biden. And it is a given that Republicans may make a symbolic gesture of threatening impeachment based upon Biden’s unambiguous lack if mental fitness and his being cognitively impaired. But, apart from using the ranting about same for fundraising purposes, there’s less than no chance they will move to impeach him for being an embarrassment and quantifiable threat to our country.
Some very smart people have shared with me their suspicions that drugs and pharma-cocktails are being administered just to have Biden walk from the Marine One helicopter to the White House and/or to stumble around during public appearances. Much less what he must be ingesting to give the pretense of his being quasi-lucid.
I cannot see Biden being the one to make the State of the Union address in January 2022. But who will follow him?
Well, if she lasts, Kamala Harris is next in constitutional succession. But from what I’m hearing, allegedly there are those throughout the Democratic Party as a whole who would almost rather see President Trump back in office than they would Harris.
Harris’ skill set revolves mostly around her ability to sleep with married men and be rewarded with public office for same. However, unlike Bill Clinton who is alleged to have slept with nearly anything, he at least knew how to institute Republican initiatives and take credit for them.
Following Harris in the order of presidential succession is Nancy Pelosi who has surpassed her gangster father for being corrupt and a pernicious liar, but who has escaped prosecution heretofore.
This isn’t a petition saying vote Republican. As far as I am concerned, Republicans are unquestioningly the country club set of the Democratic Party.
The point I want to make is that whatever productive years Biden had remaining are now squarely in the rearview mirror of his failed life. Harris’ ability to do to voters what she did to married men is not a skill set worthy of office. And Pelosi is in the same condition as Biden when it comes to lucidity.
Anyone not oozing cranial fluid from the seat of his pants must admit that the present incarnation of Democrats are perfectly in keeping with what their party has been from its inception.
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