‘Why Has Chicago Become The World’s Largest Outdoor Shooting Range?’

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) went on Fox News on Wednesday night to talk to host Sean Hannity about the speech that President Joe Biden gave on gun violence earlier in the day.
Kennedy said that he found the speech to be confusing and he questioned the focus on guns over crime and policing from the Democratic Party and the Biden administration.
“Well, Sean, I listened to the president’s press conference today, and there were times when I was confused,” he said. “Let me speak to the substance, though. I don’t hate anyone, but whoever is advising the president on crime, and I don’t know who it is, but whoever it is — his Secret Service name ought to be ‘butthead.’”
“I mean, why has Chicago become the world’s largest outdoor shooting range?” he continued. “Why is it safer to walk down the streets of Mogadishu than New York City? Crime is not up, as the president seemed to indicate today, because of inadequate background checks. Crime is up because many, not all, but many members of the president’s own party believe in defunding the police.”
“They ran on it,” Kennedy added. “And in many cities, they’ve done it. Crime is up because many members of the president’s own party want to turn cops into social workers.”
“Crime is up because many members of the president’s own party think all cops are racists, including apparently the African American police officers,” he concluded. Crime is up because many members of the president’s own party think that when a cop shoots a criminal, it’s always the cop’s fault. But when a criminal shoots a cop, it is always the gun’s fault.”
This comes after The Chicago Tribune reported that 294 people were killed in Chicago between January 1 and June 12 of this year. This is twenty more people than were killed over this same period last year. Since June 12, numerous more homicides have taken place in the Illinois city, taking the death toll over the 300 mark.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has responded to this crisis by calling for more gun control.
“Gun violence continues to have a deep and painful history in our city,” she told ABC News last week. “Unfortunately, Chicago is not unique. We are part of a club of cities for which no one wants to belong, cities with mass shootings.”
“Cities individually cannot tackle this problem. We just cannot,” she added. “In Chicago, we’ve done absolutely everything possible and we need help from the federal government. When guns are so porous that they can come across our borders as we see every single day in Chicago, we know that we have to have a multi-jurisdictional, national solution to this horrible plague of gun violence.”
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