White House Defends Giving Illegal Crossers Smart Phones to Report to ICE

The White House on Wednesday defended the idea of giving smartphones to illegal border crossers, to help them stay in touch with ICE officials.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared indignant after Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned her about the program, detailed recently in their reporting.

“I think you, of all people, since you’ve asked me a range of questions on this topic over time, would recognize that we need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and we can track, and we can check in with then,” she replied.

Psaki said the phones provided to migrants and border crossers were part of the administration’s “alternative to detention” program at the border.

There are nearly 180,000 undocumented immigrants in the United States being monitored with traceable devices, according to reports.

via joemiller

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