WH Scramble To ‘Fix’ Border And Grab Guns Is Desperate Attempt To Improve Polling

Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford said the Democrats are scrambling to adjust their platform as a way to bring up their polling numbers.
“If you look at this, going down to the border and tackling the surge in violence are two things that not only were not at all on the Democratic agenda, were not talked about on the debate stage, but they actually run counter to a lot of the policies that they’ve been trying to do, which are defund the police, open up the border, and basically drop law enforcement in both those places,” Bedford said. “It’s a very inconvenient place for them to be forced.”
One example of this scramble is Vice President Kamala Harris’s sudden announcement that she will be visiting the border after a more than 90-day delay.
“She recognized that based on what the Democratic agenda was, what the administration was trying to do, fixing the chaos at the border would be pretty much impossible, which is why she came up with, ‘Why don’t we fix the economies in Central America and make them so booming so that no one ever wants to leave Central America again,’” Bedford said.
Harris did not want the responsibility of the border, Bedford noted, which is why she spent so much time away from it.
“She’s been trying to avoid this from the start here,” Bedford said. “She doesn’t want the optics of it. She doesn’t want to be politically handicapped. She intends to be president someday … and she was angry at the president for assigning this. … She had been dragged kicking and screaming down there.”
The Biden administration’s push for gun control amid a surge in crime, Bedford said, is another example of how the Democrats have had to adapt their messaging and policies to fix their polling.
“Unless there has been the greatest spike in the 21st century in gun store owners illegally selling weapons since defund the police, it’s got nothing to do with them. Bullets don’t rain from the sky,” Bedford said. “This is a serious problem, and the Democrats realize it. … They are looking at their internal polling — they’re looking at the New York mayor’s race — and they’re saying, ‘Holy smokes, our voters care about crime too.’”
This new focus by the White House, Bedford said, is a temporary one and will not provide long-term solutions necessary to sustain the country.
“That’s why none of these policies are going to be able to work because unless they actually reverse course on their policies,” Bedford said, “they’re headed exactly straight for reality. The reality that’s going down at the border is completely ignored and lied to by a lot of reporters. It’s a massive criminal human smuggling operation run by cartels and enabled by the Biden administration’s lax policies. They can’t fix Central America yet, so all they can do is try to enforce the law across the country and protect the innocent, protect Americans.”
via thefederalist

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