WATCH: Video Shows LeBron James Attacking Fan

King LeBron James let one peasant know his place in a video making the rounds on social media.
The video, shot Friday night at an Usher concert at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, shows what happened to one mortal who got too close to the controversial NBA star.
James delivered a shove and then plowed on, escorted by a phalanx of security people to ensure no one else came within shoving range.

James, who seems to have as many critics as he has fans, was rebuked for his attitude.
“He shouldn’t ever need to put his hands on anyone. He damn sure shouldn’t ever need to put his hands on someone when cameras are rolling,” wrote David Hookstead of the Daily Caller.
“If he feels someone is too close, then get security to deal with it. What you don’t do is make physical contact.
“Also, that guy didn’t appear to be doing anything other than trying to take a picture. Was any of this necessary? LeBron is a giant next to him. He could have just kept it moving and nothing would have happened,” he wrote.
Hookstead then got to the bottom line: “Of course, it’s LeBron James and he thinks he can do whatever he wants!”
Twitter was full of opinions.

Commentator Sophie O’Hara, writing on Wayne, said her takeaway was that money has not bought James happiness.
“Have you noticed that LeBron always looks so miserable and unhappy?  He reminds me of Michelle Obama, who always walks around with a scowl on her face,” she wrote.
“These people have been gifted so much, but they’re just nasty and negative all the time,” she wrote.
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