WATCH: Senior Moments Alert – A Montage of Biden’s Idiocy

81 million votes.

After three weeks of COVID, vacation, more COVID, more vacation and a couple appearances to sign over $1 trillion in new government spending ($700 billion for green new deal and $300 billion for excusing student loans) Joe Biden made a quick stop in Maryland on Thursday night.

Joe Biden held a rally for some reason. They bused in a bunch of idiots to stand behind him and cheer the collapse of the United States.

During the rally, Joe Biden slurred, mumbled, lost his train of thought numerous times, wandered away from the podium, and screamed at the audience.

At one point a protester started screaming about the stolen election. Joe Biden told him to stay. He chose to leave.

It was Peak Biden. And the barking seals all clapped the record inflation, gas prices and economic recession.

Via Midnight Rider.

via thegatewaypundit

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