WATCH: Secret Service Agents Protect Kamala’s Home from the Illegal Aliens

Liberal logic: It's okay for the elites to have a fence around their property and armed guards on duty, but the average Americans, particularly those who live in border areas, have no right to the same level of security.

On Thursday morning, two busloads of over 100 illegal aliens were dropped off at Kamala Harris' home in Washington DC.

The migrants were part of the over 2 million illegal aliens crossing the US open border this past year!

The US currently sees 8,000 illegals walk across the open border daily!

Kamala told reporters over the weekend "The border is secure." These people just can't stop lying.

Fox News interviewed some of the illegals standing outside of Harris's residence and even they said the border is wide open.

"Vice President Harris said that the border is closed. Is the border closed? Do you believe that the border is closed or is it open?" Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins queried.

"It's open, not closed. The border is open...everybody believes that the border is open. It's open because we enter. We come in, free, no problem," he said.

"Yeah, we came illegally, not legal," he said.

Kamala Harris briskly walked past a reporter asking if she had comment on the illegals dumped on her lawn.

"Any comment on the illegal immigrants dropped off at your residence?" a reporter asked Kamala Harris.

Harris ignored the reporter and walked away.

On the same day, Kamala Harris sent her secret service agents to guard her residence from the illegal aliens.

The agents told the reporters that they needed to make sure that "everyone is safe and away from our fence" but the American people can't have these same security.

The hypocrisy of the left is pretty astounding.

Watch the video below:

via thegatewaypundit

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