Watch Parler CEO John Matze talk about Big Tech’s moves against free speech

The CEO of Parler, John Matze, appears on Fox News to discuss the targeting of the social media platform and the removal of their website from Amazon servers.
Obviously the issue of targeted deplatforming is one close to the current community of CTH 2.0 users and administrators after we suffered a similar targeting from WordPress/Automattic.  However, there is something about the Parler construct that is puzzling.

Outwardly, Parler launched as an alternative to Twitter for conservative and liberty-minded voices concerned about having a space for free speech.  With that in mind why would Parler start by using Amazon host services for their platform?
While it is not OK for Parler to be removed under any circumstances, John Matze primary responsibility was stewardship toward the Parler user community.  Responsible stewardship would not include going to the ideological Big Tech enemy, Amazon, for the primary provider tools for the platform.
Additionally, it appears the vendor tech community that supported the Parler platform simultaneously announced they too would drop Parler as a customer, following the announcement by Amazon.  Parler was apparently caught off-guard.
With Big Tech and social media companies now increasingly allowing users to be identified and/or targeted; and considering the sensitivity of privacy for all web-hosted engagements; perhaps now our CTH community has a greater context for why we go to such painstaking levels during the rebuild to remain anti-fragile.
A few examples below as noted when we were addressing the commenting system:
CTH 2.0 does not have any tracking software initiated to recognize the user in the comment system. THERE ARE NO COOKIES deployed to track you. There is no system in place by CTH to monitor you or recognize you. This is part of our current privacy position.
This is a privacy and tracking issue. CTH 2.0, as an independent website, is currently not tracking or applying any host generated tracking data of the participants.
Most websites do apply some version of tracking via “cookies” to make your engagement part of an active tracking system (make user experience easier); and/or use those cookies to deliver you targeted advertising.
CTH wants to ensure that your user-data is private to you.  This is why we did not originally engage the third-party Disqus commenting platform.  We do not want any tracking system on the website for your data.
We selected comment software from WPDiscuz (not affiliated with Disqus in any form) specifically because we can control the platforms internal content according to our privacy demands.
The content in the Treehouse community (the comment section) is derived from your choices, your freedom. It is your discussion and we are stewards protecting your conversation.
No outside system is gathering any user data or content on the commenting platform, everything within CTH 2.0 is being built on a very stable and private proprietary foundation.
On email notifications.  Again, we explain that currently we do not have an active email notification system for new posts in place.  The reason for the delay is again a matter of privacy.  An email auto-notification system is done by a third-party provider.
[…] One of our priorities right now is establishing an email notification system where you can subscribe to automatic notifications of new posts etc.  As with almost all systems of this type (there are many) it involves the use of a third party email transmission process. Y’all are aware that privacy is a CTH priority, so we are being very careful about vetting the service and setting up this notification system to protect CTH users.
CTH does not compile user information, does not engage in the manufacture of processes that assemble lists of users or any user data. We are working to ensure we do not end up creating an external list of subscribers that would be vulnerable to exploitation.  Your privacy in all matters related to CTH engagement is my priority.  (read more)
The example of Parler is a real life example, playing out in real time, providing you context for why some of the CTH 2.0 features you request are slow to deployment.
Thanks again for bearing with us as we work through some technical issues, search for optimal solutions, and fiercely retain the original values and mission priority of the Treehouse.  The Truth Has No Agenda
Myself and the incredibly hardworking site admins consider ourselves stewards to this community. YOU are what matters.  Your ability to analyze, discuss, crowdsource and provide your comments on the subject matter is what makes CTH home.
The key to Treehouse 2.0 is recognizing we have built something within a big tech ecosphere that wants to see us removed. By being proactive we have avoided some serious challenges and that makes us better stewards for our conversation.
Remember, YOU are the important part.
Without you CTH doesn’t really have a purpose. Individually we could stand outside shouting at trees with no impact; but together, sitting on the figurative cyber-porch, the conversation is rich with unique skill-sets, subject matter experts and life-long experiences that make discussion so much more valuable.
The importance of safe assembly is more prominent than ever…
via theconservativetreehouse

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