WATCH: “Massive money laundering’ for Dems revealed by James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe, whose investigative reporting now is being published under the label of his O’Keefe Media Group, has documented what apparently is a massive money laundering scheme that benefits Democrats.

Using public election records, he identified some individuals who had “donated” up to 18,000 times.

Watch his video (Be aware that Trump critics express themselves in offensive terms):

The Gateway Pundit pointed out it previously reported on the “vast far-left network of donation harvesters” that O’Keefe has documented.

“The information was first released by Chris Gleason as was first published at The Gateway Pundit back in December 2022. Chris Gleason found a massive number of ‘Campaign Finance Mules’ making hundreds, even thousands of donations per year,” the report said.

It continued, “It turns out that millions in donations were sent to candidates like Raphael Warnock from ‘money mules’ around the country. Warnock was the top beneficiary of all 2022 Democrat candidates of this money distribution scheme. In April 2022, engineer Chris Gleason began working on his first data project involving elections. The project was tied to the 2022 midterm election. This was unique for Chris because he had been involved in tech and data for the majority of his adult career although he never used his expertise on a political project. What he and a small group of others determined was that Washington state had a massive network of campaign finance mules. They identified massive numbers of registered voters in Washington State who were making thousands of donations to Democrat party candidates nationwide and progressive PACs. The individual donation amounts were not large. These donations were small and had been intentionally set up to avoid throwing up reg flags.”

The report explained, as O’Keefe reported, those “Money Mules” were not rich people.

But there were red flags, such as why a donor in Washington State would be making repeated donations to a Georgia candidate.

O’Keefe’s details came from Election Watch in Maryland, and he went to various addresses of those top “donation mules.”

At least one slammed the door in his face, after insisting that President Donald Trump should be hit in the head with a bat.

via patriottruthnews

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