WATCH: Joe Biden Is Such a Joke Even Saudi TV Is Mocking Him

How bad is Joe Biden? Even the Saudis are taking shots at him. Yes, Saudi Arabia, of all places, has doled out comedy skits about how Joe Biden is weak, stupid, and half-asleep. The two actors pretend to address the media where ‘Joe Biden’ says he will address the crisis in Africa before ‘Kamala Harris’ corrects him, telling him to say Russia. This is where the skit sort of hits a weak spot because we all know that Harris is not sharper than Joe, even when the latter is a drooling vegetable for the day. Then again, maybe the world truly sees Harris as the real person pulling the strings, along with Ron Klain. Who knows?

‘Joe Biden’ says he has a message for Putin before falling asleep at the podium. ‘Harris’ then drags a passed-out Biden away while urging the press to clap for the president.

via joemiller

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