Watch: Dems Boo After Rep. Boebert Shouts at Biden DURING SOTU

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado briefly interrupted President Joe Biden during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Biden had brought up supporting veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who have been dying from injuries sustained from their service.

As Biden referenced deceased service members being in flag-draped coffins, Boebert exclaimed “13 of them,” in a criticism of Biden’s handling of the Hamid Karzai International Airport operation.

The House chamber was filled with boos following Boebert’s exclamation.

Biden appears to have ignored Boebert’s remark, instead continuing on with his speech. One source quoted Boebert as accusing Biden of having put the troops into a dangerous situation.

Thirteen service members, including 11 Marines, one Army Soldier, and a Navy Corpsman were killed in the ISIS bombing of the airport.

The service members were at the scene to facilitate the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Afghan asylum seekers. Only a small minority of Afghans airlifted from the country amid its capitulation to the Taliban worked with the American military during its occupation of the country.

Biden was intensely criticized for his handling of the military’s departure from Afghanistan, which led to the Taliban seizing millions of dollars in American military equipment.

The U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed as the American military left, with Afghans proving unable and unwilling to fight for their country’s independence from the Taliban.

via westernjournal

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