WATCH: Georgia Democrat Slams Party for Prioritizing Migrants Over Inner-City Kids

In a video posted to Twitter, Mainor blasted her party for refusing to support school choice.

“I support school choice, parent rights, and opportunities for children to thrive, especially those that are marginalized and tend to fail in school,” Mainor said.

“The Democrats at the [Georgia State] Capitol took a hard position and demanded every Democrat vote against children and for the teachers union,” she continued. “I voted yes for parents and yes for children not failing schools.”

Mainor pointed out that children in her district are far below where they should be in basic math.

“I have a few colleagues upset with me to the point where they are giving away $1,000 checks to anyone that will run against me,” Mainor said. “I’m not apologizing because my colleagues don’t like how I vote.”

The Democrat called out fellow politicians who “put the teachers union and donors ahead of their constituents.”

“It’s ironic. I’ll say every election year, I hear ‘Black Lives Matter.’ But do they? I see every other minority being prioritized except Black children living in poverty that can’t read,” Mainor said.

The outspoken politician added that she is “not backing down and is just getting started.”

“We’ll send $1,000,000 to the border for immigrant services. But Black communities, not even a shout-out. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with this,” she stated. “I’m not backing down and I’m actually just getting started.”

via thegatewaypundit

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