WATCH: Crowd BOOS after school board kills public comments after criticizing CRT

The Loudoun County school board could not take the heat tonight and unanimously killed the public comments section of their meeting very early after one gentleman was giving them the business over CRT.
John Cooper on Twitter writes “WOW: Moments ago, the Loudoun County school board abruptly cut off the public comment portion of the board meeting, which was set to go another couple of hours at least, after taking withering criticism from parents and citizens”

There wasn’t a single board member that opposed ending the public comments early. That should tell you all you need to know about the people on this board. Well, that and the fact that they support CRT.
Exit Question: Didn’t the gentleman speaking at the beginning sound like Sen. John Kennedy? It wasn’t, but it sure sounded like him, and in more ways than one.
via therightscoop

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