WATCH: Cartel-Mexican Military Gunfight at The US Border

A byproduct of President Biden's radical open-border policies is the rapid deterioration of the southern border. Footage from Friday shows an intense firefight involving cartel members and the Mexican military, occurring down the street from the Lukeville, Arizona, Port of Entry.

"Reports are coming in about a large firefight south of the Lukeville POE in AZ between the cartel and the Mexican military. Gunfire can be heard, and a small explosion. Possible vehicles are on fire. It is unusual for this type of direct contact between the cartel and GOM in that area," former ICE field director John Fabbricatore wrote in an X post on Friday.

Fabbricatore posted footage of cartel members and the military exchanging automatic gunfire, adding this took place down the street from the Lukeville Port of Entry.

Two other videos show the incident area, closely resembling the war-ravaged streets in the Middle East.

In a separate report, NewsNation's Ali Bradley confirmed the cartel shootout. She said the firefight was so close to the international border that "national guard members" could hear the chaos.

Here's more footage.

The open southern border policy of the Biden administration has significantly benefited Mexican cartels, who are capitalizing on human smuggling and drug trafficking. Spillover risks continue to soar as Biden keeps the border wide open.

via zerohedge

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