WATCH: Antifa descends on Western Conservative Conference bringing VIOLENCE and HATE

Antifa isn’t about free speech, as real Americans know. But they ARE about rioting. As residents of cities they invade well know. As Denver is experiencing this weekend.
Once again, we know about this only because of Andy Ngo. The “real” media won’t bother to cover it because they don’t care. CNN is too busy crying about Fox News.
But it happens, it’s happening, and it’s going to continue to happen.
The Antifa thugs descended on the Western Conservative Conference in Denver, and violence of course followed. And chaos and everything else that comes with Antifa. There were brawls and altercations, streets shut down, destruction and mayhem.
You know: the usual.






This is how it is now. The media is fine with it. City governments are fine with it. Blue state govs are fine with it. Heck most of the Democrat politicians openly encourage it.
This is America now. Welcome home.
via therightscoop

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