“Was it the jabs?’: Republican lawmaker dies suddenly

A top Republican lawmaker died suddenly on Sunday at the age of 55, and with no cause of death provided, some are wondering if a COVID vaccine possibly played a part.

Hugh McKean, Colorado's House minority leader, died in his home just three days after turning 55.

"It is with great sadness we announce the sudden passing of House Minority Leader Hugh McKean" Colorado House Republicans tweeted Sunday.

"Hugh was fiercely passionate about serving the great state of Colorado and will be missed dearly. Funeral services are being planned and details will be made public once finalized."

Kristi Burton Brown, Colorado's Republican chairwoman, said McKean was "kind and positive," noting he "took the time to invest in so many lives, including my children."

McKean, first elected to the state legislature in 2016 from Loveland, Colorado, leaves behind family members Aiden McKean, 21, Hanna McKean, 23, and his "dearest partner and friend Amy Parks," Colorado House Republicans said.

The Colorado Sun reported McKean "was found dead Sunday morning after complaining of feeling unwell the day before," adding that "information on the cause and manner of McKean's death, which shocked the Colorado political world, has not been released."

With many news agencies not even raising the possibility of a possible COVID-vaccine connection, J.D. Rucker at The Liberty Daily wondered "Was it the jabs?" as he blasted "the increasingly large category of conservative news outlets who refuse to mention the words 'COVID' or 'vaccine' in any story that deals with sudden inexplicable deaths of young and otherwise healthy people."

A screenshot of 'The Liberty Daily's homepage on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022.

"This is due to the tyrants in Big Tech who will blacklist any news outlets that even ask the question. Google and YouTube will cut off their big ad dollar checks. Facebook will cut off the massive amounts of traffic they send to news outlets. It's an unfortunate reality that even respectable conservative or alternative news outlets won't dare risk their gravy trains."

Rucker concluded: "The truth is starting to come out. It's usually dropping in trickles. Sometimes the spigot lets out a bit more. Over time, people will see the truth. We can only hope and pray it reaches as many in time as possible."

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