Virginia LGBT Group Targets Muslim School Board Member For ‘Emotional Violence’

Muslim leftist school board member Abrar Omeish is under attack from Pride Liberation Project, a coalition of LGBT students in Fairfax County, Virginia. Omeish, who touts herself as “the people’s advocate” and a defender of minorities, is the latest target of the LGBT group, who criticizes her for not being a “100 percent ally” of queer students.

In the letter posted on Friday, the group said queer and brown students met with Omeish to discuss perceived prejudice against them at Fairfax County public schools. In response, Omeish reportedly said being invited to a pride parade would “give [her] pause.”
“She claimed it would be a ‘challenge’ for her to provide an ‘outward endorsement or encouragement’ of Queer students, and that there was a ‘difference between going after oppression and endorsing’ LGBTQIA+ students,” the letter read. “We expected Ms. Omeish, who presents herself as a relentless champion for equity, to be a champion and ally for the Queer community. We are saddened that she cannot meet our expectations.”
The group laid out a long list of demands towards Omeish, calling on her to issue an apology, affirm LGBT student existence and identity, and clarify her stance on a motion to include non-traditional family structures in Fairfax County curriculum. Omeish was listed as “not present” when the school board vote took place last month.
The students also demanded Omeish take more action in her personal life to commit to LGBT students.
“Such a commitment should include, but is not limited to, promises to work with Queer students in working groups, hosting live streams that discuss Queer issues, and ensuring that Queer issues are included in her policy platform,” according to the letter.
The students also demanded her attendance at “family-friendly Pride Parades and posting publicly about Queer issues.”
Omeish did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.
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