US Army Fires New ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System for the First Time Ever

In a world made less safe by the fall of Afghanistan, which has let hundreds of terrorists on the loose, America has taken a step forward to prepare against attacks.
Israel’s Ministry of Defense announced Monday that the U.S. Army has completed its first successful live-fire test using the Iron Dome missile defense system.
The United States purchased two Iron Dome batteries during the administration of former President Donald Trump.
The Iron Dome is a mainstay of Israel’s protection against rocket attacks from terrorists.
“The US Army, the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and RAFAEL have successfully completed a live fire test of the first US Army Iron Dome Defense System (IDDS-A) Battery, which the U.S. acquired from Israel,” Israel’s Ministry of Defense tweeted.

“The performance and live fire test was conducted at the White Sands New Mexico (WSMR) test range, and was the first time US soldiers intercepted live targets employing the Iron Dome System,” the government account added.
“Iron Dome developers Rafael, IAI Elta and mPrest supported the test.”

There has been no official announcement of where the Iron Dome batteries will end up.
Israeli defense sources said Israel has approved basing the batteries at U.S. bases in the Middle East, Europe and East Asia, according to Haaretz, which also mentioned the Persian Gulf region as a likely destination.
Brig. Gen. Brian Gibson, the lead for the Army’s missile defense upgrade, said in February that final basing decisions had yet to be made, according to Defense News.
“That plan is being developed and finalized at the headquarter of the Department of the Army and across the enterprise on what makes sense based on all the various variables that get a vote including threat, money, transportation, time – all those things,” Gibson said.
“But I’m confident from a user perspective that if directed to do so, we’re on a timeline and on a path to make it absolutely feasible to deploy this thing, and that remains our intent. Our intent is not to park them in a parking garage,” he added.
The Army said in a news release that the batteries arrived in 2020, and that personnel have been trained in their operation.
During the test, members of the 3-43 Air Defense Artillery Battalion, which is based at Fort Bliss, Texas, “successfully engaged eight cruise missile surrogate targets as part of a coordinated performance test and live fire event.”
The Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement that U.S. forces will use the Iron Dome “to protect deployed American forces from a variety of aerial threats, including cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, rockets and shrapnel,” according to The Jerusalem Post.
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