University’s Woke Guideline Basically Bans Words

The latest “inclusive language” guide offering comes from Michigan State University where now even words like “bunny,” “gift” and “nickname” are considered offensive.

The guide, courtesy of the school’s Brand Studio, states that “in alignment with strategic efforts around diversity, equity and inclusion […] Michigan State University values communications practices that support belonging for all Spartans.”

Under the guide’s Gender and Sexuality section, officials recommend avoiding terms like “female” (“reduces women to their assumed biological anatomy”), “sex change” (“gender transition” is better) and “nickname.” In this age of gender fluidity and gender pronouns, using “nickname” could “imply that a person’s name is a substitute for their legal name.”

In the Race and Ethnicity section, terms to avoid include “Blacks” (allegedly derogatory), “Caucasian” and “racial minority” (reasons not explained), and “at-risk.” The latter supposedly puts the onus of responsibility on the individual rather than “structural” factors.

The section on disability deems all of the following terms “ableist”: “crazy,” “insane,” “bonkers,” “nuts,” “psycho,” “demented,” “senile,” “loony,” “lunatic,” “psychotic,” “addict,” “invalid,” “vegetable,” “paralyzed,” “lame,” “madhouse,” “tone-deaf,” “spazzing out,” “braindead” and “blindly.”

via joemiller

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