Unity Watch: An Ugly New Narrative Is Developing and Joe Biden Is on Board

The election is over, so the left’s mask is dropping quickly. Democrats led by Joe Biden, their corporate masters, and the corporate media are pouncing on the Capitol riots to further divide us according to their preferred narrative. This is necessary because their stated policies hurt people according to their economic status. For example, regulations, mandates, and legislation that lockdown small businesses, restrict fracking for natural gas, and require printing more money hurt middle and working-class families. Defunding the police and selective prosecution hurts the same groups as well as low-income households.
This was evident to Democrats and their allies in the outcome of the 2020 election. Americans had not soured on Republicans, who made gains in the House and state legislatures. Biden’s White House win was buoyed by massive donations from Mark Zuckerberg’s wife through a non-profit to fund get out the vote activities in blue areas of swing states. Potentially illegal and unconstitutional changes to election procedures in those states under the pretext of COVID-19 also helped and will be remedied before 2022.
But that is not the worst of it for Democrats. As Brad Todd, co-author of The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics noted (emphasis mine):
“Democrats always argued, ‘If more people voted, we would win. Well, guess what? Everybody voted, and it didn’t help the Democrats. There is a multi-racial, working-class ethos that is animating the new Republican coalition.”
“Lunch Bucket Joe” was supposed to be the working-class candidate. Democrats generally feel like they own the minority vote. On Election Day, President Trump made significant inroads into both groups. So, it is imperative for Democrats and their lapdogs to deepen the country’s racial divides before voters realize this is actually a class war—the Democrats and their oligarchs in tech and on Wall Street against the rest of us.
In the most disgusting racially charged assertions yet, Democrats, corporations, and corporate media commentators assert that law enforcement would have reacted differently if the Capitol rioters had been black. Here is the leader of the Democrat Party:

This is in no way true. There were nationwide riots all summer long where police departments were told to stand down. This includes a days-long siege by BLM, antifa, and other left-wing groups on the White House grounds with the explicitly stated goal of removing the president. Rioters attempted to burn down St. John’s Episcopal Church, set other fires, ripped up bricks, and hurled them at federal law enforcement officers. Approximately 150 federal officers, including 50 Secret Service agents, were injured, some severely, and the president was taken to a secure bunker for his safety.
Not a single rioter was shot. Attorney General Bill Barr came under onerous scrutiny from the Democrat cabal for using pepper spray to clear the square and move the perimeter an additional block away from the White House. Capitol Police and used tear gas inside and outside of the Capitol building on January 6th. Physical force and other riot control gear were also used. An officer also shot and killed Ashli Babbit, an Air Force veteran,  who was unarmed and entering the building with other rioters. Clearing the Capitol took hours. Clearing Lafayette Park and the White House perimeter took days.
There was no one shot when federal officers secured the federal courthouse in Portland. Several officers were blinded when rioters used high-powered lasers to shine in their eyes, over 113 suffered eye injuries. Overall, there were 277 injuries to 140 federal officers. The local police were told to stand down. This summer, similar stand-down orders were given in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Minneapolis during the BLM riots. In Minneapolis, the rioters burned down a police precinct. Total damages from the riots, arson, and looting this summer are estimated to be $2 billion.
No one who was paying attention this summer would agree with a single thing Joe Biden said in that tweet. However, media and corporations are parroting it today. Ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s put out a particularly hideous take on Twitter beginning with, “Yesterday was not a protest—it was a riot to uphold white supremacy. (1/8)” It only got worse from there.
As you watch Democrats and their allies pretend history started yesterday almost every day, keep in mind they have to do this. The fallout from raising taxes, implementing an inheritance tax, Modern Monetary Theory, normalizing relations with China, and restrictive energy policies following a pandemic will hurt regular working Americans and small business owners of every color, race, and creed the most. It will benefit the oligarchs on Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the political elite enormously.
The former makes up about 60-70% of America. The latter is less than 1%. They must keep 2/3rds of America divided by immutable characteristics that are visible so that we never see what we have in common as individuals. Or Democrats would never win another election.
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