Undercover videos reveal governor’s secret plan after election

The political campaign for New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who is seeking re-election, is dealing this week with the fallout from undercover videos from Project Veritas revealing he apparently wants to win the election, and then announce plans for COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Those requirements are being contested all across the nation now, with multiple lawsuits challenging school, work, state and even federal demands for people to take the experimental treatments.

The plans confirmed by the Murphy campaign reveal the strategy is to keep concealed his mandate plans until after the election, because independents and others won’t endorse the shot demands.

The New York Post noted Republicans now are demanding answers from Murphy about his staff’s revelations.

The first video from Project Veritas shows Wendy Martinez, who works Hispanic outreach for the campaign, telling and undercover reporter Murphy would implement widespread mandates like California, but the plan can’t be revealed because “right now it is about him winning.”

“He’s going to do it, but he couldn’t do it before the elections because [independent and undecided voters are] all into all the s**t, my rights, my s**t,” Martinez said.

She accused those opposed to vaccine mandates of being uncaring “if they kill everybody.”

Another staffer, Matthew Urquijo, confirmed that the plan was to win an election, then impose the vaccine mandates.

He said, “I think the problem is right now because it’s election season, he’s not going to have people say like, ‘We’re going to have a mandate now,’” Urquijo said.

Tom Szymanski of the New Jersey State Republican Committee called for Murphy to make clear his plan.

“This extremely disturbing video appears to confirm what the Murphy campaign has been hinting at — and the NJGOP has been warning about — throughout the summer: that a second Murphy term will bring about the same type of vaccine passports seen in Bill de Blasio’s New York, burdening already suffering businesses and discriminating against minority communities in which immunization rates are lower,” he said.

“Phil Murphy must immediately state his intentions on this matter before voting ends next week and disclose whether or not data of thousands of New Jerseyans already entered into the Docket App has been harvested for the purpose of implementing a vaccine passport,” the GOP statement continued.

The Murphy campaign responded with an attack on the credibility of Project Veritas.

Spokeswoman Rachel Bocchino called O’Keefe a “right-wing propagandist” and accused him of “harassment and physical intimidation.”

The first video, where Martinez comments about hiding the information from the voters:

And the second, where O’Keefe asks Martiniz, in a parking garage interview, about the statements.

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