Under Attack: Border Patrol Agent Assaulted

The longer President Joe Biden and his administration ignore the true severity of the border crisis, the uglier it gets.

And a recent photo shared in a Facebook post by the US Border Patrol Yuma Sector graphically demonstrates that fact, portraying a border agent’s wounds after he was assaulted while taking illegal aliens into custody at the border near San Luis, Arizona.

According to the caption on the photo: “Human smugglers assaulted an agent with rocks while he was arresting illegal border crossers on the west side of San Luis, AZ, Tuesday morning…The agent was transported to the hospital for treatment. Yuma Sector is working with our investigative partners to bring those responsible to justice.”

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin shared the Facebook picture in a post published on X:

The Border Patrol’s Facebook post quoted Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin, who said, “The threat against our agents is real and will not be tolerated.”

Which is good, because the threat to border agents is very real, and these agents are attacked with depressing regularity.

In a post on X sharing the Border Patrol’s Facebook post, NewsNation correspondent Ali Bradley wrote that “@USBPChief reports more than 108 agents have been assaulted over the last 3 1/2 months (FYTD).”

Some attacks on Border Patrol agents make headlines. Some don’t. In March, a female border agent was beaten when trying to arrest an illegal immigrant in Tuscon, Arizona. In September of 2023, another border agent was brutalized and humiliated by the human smugglers he caught bringing migrants into the country.

And on top of all that, it was shortly after the latter instance that the FBI discovered text messages from cartel members promising $200 rewards for anyone who could provide addresses for Border Patrol agents, and $1,000 for “they mommas address.”

The violence perpetrated by those coming over the border illegally is an everyday reality for the heroic men and women fighting the seemingly futile battle at the border while our useless president worries about performative inclusivity and climate change.

This is the reality of what’s happening on the border.

If the excessive violence weren’t the first clue, it’s not the migrants and refugees crossing the border to find a better life who are viciously assaulting border agents.

The traffickers, who are making a fortune thanks to Biden’s open-border policies, and criminals bent on taking up their careers in the United States, are a different matter.

In February, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told NewsNation, “People that are actually fleeing from fear, persecution in their own country and want to claim asylum in the United States … walk up to the first agent they can find, and they surrender. They don’t assault agents. They don’t try to get away.”

While Biden might comfort himself thinking it’s just the kinds of people seeking asylum that make up the thousands of people crossing the border everyday, the truth is that, by failing to secure the border, the administration is allowing a true invasion by allowing cartels and violent criminals to enter the United States undetected.

Now our communities are under attack, our resources being commandeered, and our Border Patrol agents who are bravely trying to do their job are being overwhelmed and brutalized almost on a daily basis, all while the Biden White House turns a blind eye.

This is no way to run a country.

This is how you run a country if you want it to fail. Is that the end goal of Biden and his posse?

Quite possibly. Biden and his allies have clearly demonstrated they hate America and everything it stands for, especially the ordinary citizens who are rightly horrified at the chaos that is our southern border.

At the very least, they clearly don’t care how many people have to get hurt in their quest to remake America in their socialist utopian image.

via westernjournal

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