Ukraine Warns of ‘Huge’ Threat to Chernobyl Facility

Russian forces have stored “dozens of thousands of tons” of ammunition near the infamous Chernobyl nuclear facility near Kyiv, according to Ukrainian officials who claim that Russia regards the area as a safe zone despite the risk of a disastrous accident.

“They use this nuclear facility as an umbrella because they understand that Ukrainians will not attack them there,” Oleksandr Danilyuk, a national security official for the central government in Kyiv, told the Washington Examiner.

That tactical choice has made it easier to conduct some military operations around Kyiv, the target of one of the main prongs of the Russian military campaign over the last month. And yet, that relative security against Ukrainian attacks comes at the cost of a “huge, huge risk” to Chernobyl and the $2.5 billion confinement shelter designed to contain a destroyed nuclear reactor and “radioactive dust” and debris left behind from the 1986 disaster.

“So the transportation route of this ammunition is literally, like, maybe, 300 meters from the shelter and the final destination, the final storage is less than 20 kilometers from the shelter,” said Danilyuk, a security official not to be confused with former Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk. “And the quantity of that ammunition is big enough to say that this risk makes that accident and destroying of that shelter almost imminent.”

via joemiller

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