U.S. truckers convoy to be demonized as ‘domestic threats’

A convoy of truckers departed from California on Wednesday en route to Washington, D.C., where the drivers intend to protest the government's continuing insistence on COVID emergency measures such as vaccine and mask mandates.

It's a reprise of a similar convoy in Canada that proved able to convince several provinces to drop their mask and vaccination demands.

There, Justin Trudeau turned to violence against truckers, arresting them and confiscating their trucks, in order to end the protest, which had, in fact, shut down a few roads and bridges.

But for the U.S. convoy, it won't matter whether the drivers are peaceful or not; they will be demonized anyway.

That's according to a column by Jordan Boyd at The Federalist.

"The fate of the American trucker convoy has already been decided by President Joe Biden and his allies who, despite promises from the Freedom Convoy protesters that they will remain peaceful, are already painting them as domestic threats," the commentary explained.

"Officials in the nation’s capital have already gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the Americans uniting for freedom from the tyranny that has wreaked havoc on the nation for the last two years feel anything but welcomed."

The commentary explained Washington officials already are scheduling hundreds of police officers and National Guard troops to be on hand to greet the truckers, who "will be smeared by the increasingly corrupt government for being a 'threat.'"

And there's a fence being built around the Capitol.

"While D.C. officials panic, Biden has every reason to embrace the thousands of blue-collar workers he claims to support — but he won’t. Already, the Biden administration showed discomfort with the Canadian Freedom Convoy by pressuring the Trudeau government to crack down on its citizens. Much like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did at the beginning of the Ottowa controversy, the White House has already painted the imminent U.S. convoy as a threat that requires federal attention and law enforcement," the commentary said.

In Canada, Trudeau had claimed the truckers were a "fringe" group with "unacceptable views."

He invoked a national emergencies law that essentially allowed him to declare martial law, through which he ordered hundreds arrested and their trucks confiscated.

Likewise, Democrats in the U.S., the commentary said, "have already decided the fate of the American Freedom Convoy."

"It isn’t too hard to imagine how, much like the many people who did not riot at the Capitol but peacefully protested on Jan. 6, the truckers will be smeared as domestic terrorists and labeled the next group of insurrectionists who seek to undermine American democracy," it said.

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