U.S. journalist attacks media for letting trans activists run narrative

Ever since the "gay" agenda was launched decades ago – long before the LBTQ and other initials were added, many journalists have been big promoters.

News reporters mostly are leftist anyway and they quickly adopted the messaging that it was minorities' "rights" that the fight was about.

But one journalist has rebelled.

The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom said the reporter now has taken a swipe at progressive media groups for allowing activists to control the messaging about transgender ideology.

The institute reported, "Writing for free speech website UnHerd, American journalist Hadley Freeman said that when she wanted to voice doubts about radical gender views she received no support."

Instead, whenever "discussions" occurred among "progressive journalists," "I was invariably the only one at the table who believed (or was willing to say out loud) that there is a clear clash between gender-based rights and women’s rights."

She describes herself as "left-wing," but was faced with "hostility" because she believed "women’s sex-based rights exist for a reason."

She was attacked as a "bigot" and accused of oppressing the already "most oppressed minority in Britain," the report said.

"Unless I repeated the mantra 'trans women are women,' I was a bigot," she said. The agenda prevailed nearly everywhere, she said.

"It was astonishing to me how quickly universities, publishing houses, NHS services, political parties, newspapers and TV networks capitulated to the gender ideologues," she charged. "Many of the people demanding these institutional shifts were and are not transgender themselves. They are bullies who set themselves up as moral arbiters, using self-righteous hysteria and factually questionable claims to demand censorship, instilling fear that anyone caught engaging in wrongspeak or even wrongthink will be publicly shamed and professionally destroyed."

She said she has no quarrel with transgender individuals, but will not quit speaking for women's sex-based rights.

"The double standards are ludicrous: you can now say any old garbage about women, but anything that even questions gender ideology will be anxiously second-guessed and overly edited into oblivion, no matter how many facts and even genuine feelings are behind it," she said.

Interestingly, WND reported only days earlier a UK court found that males who say they are females are not, in fact, "women."

The Christian Institute reveals the Court of Session in Scotland has reversed a decision by the Scottish government to widen the definition in its Gender Representation on Public Boards Scotland Act 2018.

That law wanted to include males who call themselves female as "women."

The case had been brought by For Women Scotland, who said that would undermine the sex-based rights of biological females as protected by the Equality Act.

The court, in a ruling from Lady Dorrian, Scotland's second most senior judge, found the government lacked the power to do what it wanted. Instead, the ruling said, there would need to be changes to the definitions of "protected characteristics" in the Equality Act itself.

"She said that the Scottish government’s desire to take steps to promote inclusion of women 'is limited to allowing provision to be made in respect of a 'female of any age.' Provisions in favor of women, in this context, by definition exclude those who are biologically male,'" the report explained.

The ruling found that the redefinition of women to include biological males "conflates and confuses two separate and distinct protected characteristics."

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